2. Report of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) – Measuring Results

by Patrick Liew on February 15, 2017

To ensure that recommendations proposed by the CFE achieve desired results, we need to continue to measure the outputs, outcomes, and impacts of these recommendations.


Appropriate committees should be appointed to evaluate the results to
improve on the recommendations and ensure that limited resources are deployed to achieve prioritized and discreet goals.

Policy makers should develop a comprehensive range of reliable indicators to measure both intended and unintended results caused by the recommendations. At the same time, they should also evaluate how they they can effectively measure these indicators.

The results to be measured should include nett benefits, cost-effectiveness, and impact of recommendations on targeted stakeholders. They should also take into consideration trade offs and resulting effects from these trade offs on the targeted stakeholders.

These designs should include use of appropriate statistical techniques or randomized experiments to control the confounders so as to determine if the recommendations have contributed to the desired results.

It helps to remember the wise counsel of Dr Rachel Glennerster, “Rigour matters. There’s what you think you know, and when you go and look at something carefully and rigorously sometime we learn that our gut reactions and conventional wisdom are wrong.

“Sometimes things we think are working aren’t working, and things that we think aren’t working, are working.”

These results should be evaluated and debated by relevant parties and their findings should be communicated to the public to ensure that our people are working synergistically and in alignment to achieve shared objectives.
By developing a culture for rigorous measurement and evaluation of policies and their intended and actual results, it will contribute to a stronger evidence-based process for improving national plans and policies and the CFE’s recommendations.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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