2. The Lee Family’s Saga – Take A Helicopter View

by Patrick Liew on June 20, 2017

1. The Lee Family’s saga so far has been a lose-lose-lose proposition.

2. With dirty linen being hang in public, it has not made anybody look good.

3. Just as importantly, the saga has brought no honor to Mr Lee Kuan Yew but only disrepute to the Lee family.

It’s sad to see that some members of the next generation being drawn into the saga.

4. In a bigger picture, the people of Singapore have been polarized and have taken sides on the matter.

5. Meanwhile, the saga has created a mini-storm in the mass media overseas and cast a dark cloud over our country.

6. Moving forward, the key stakeholders should agree to stop all negative overt and covert communications.

This is to prevent more misunderstandings, wider conflicts, and deeper wounds.

Allow all parties to cool down and unshackle themselves from any negative emotions.

Clear their minds and look at how to achieve a win-win-win outcome.

7. As leaders, they should know the virtues and values of settling family matters behind closed doors.

They should agree not to take any controversy, conflict and other challenges public.

That may not help resolve the matter but only exacerbate the problem.

8. The heart of any problem is very often a problem of the heart.

Therefore, all parties should search their hearts for good sense and sensibility.

It’s the desires of their hearts for seeking peace and an effective peace-making process that will influence strength of their relationships.

And shape and determine outcomes of a conflict.

9. They should consider how this saga is affecting them, their family, and their future generations.

10. Contemplate over how this saga is dragging our people and country down the slippery slope.

11. Meditate over what should be the best outcome and work towards achieving it.

12. For the sake of their father, families and country, they should put aside remnant of self-pride and self-interest – if any – and be open and willing to seek an effective and amicable solution.

13. If need be, they may have to say sorry and ask for forgiveness and forgive one another.

Truth be told, wounded people cannot think clearly.

Broken hearts cannot talk meaningfully.

Hurting spirits cannot truly love and find a better path.

Forgiveness can release a person from an emotional prison and pave the way forward.

14. Seek not just to be understood but to understand the other party/parties.

15. Stretch out their hands to strengthen the communication process and develop better relationships.

16. Nobody is perfect.

Positions and views are constantly evolving and changing.

Therefore, be gracious to allow the other party/parties to change and improve themselves and their positions.

17. Be mindful about not saying words or taking actions that will cause a protracted period or even a lifetime of regret and remorse.

18. As they undergo a process of mediation and conflict resolution, they should seek wise counsel.

They should engage a credible, independent and competent third party to help resolve the conflict and achieve a positive outcome.

19. If they cannot achieve the best outcome, find a middle path that will minimize fallouts.

And put themselves and all of us on track to achieving peace, prosperity and progress.

20. Sometimes, they have to sacrifice personal good (小我) to achieve a greater good (大我) for their families, communities and country.

21. Perhaps they should ask themselves, “If our father is still around, what will he do?”

22. If they cannot resolve the conflict, they can still have a more loving heart and a more magnanimous spirit to take the high road for our country and people.

23. Their father Mr Lee Kuan Yew has spent a major part of his life sacrificing and fighting for and serving our country and people.

They are stewards and custodians of his good name and legacy.

24. Life is already too short for enjoying love, joy and peace.

Why waste more time on unhealthy conflicts?

Why not unite our people and bring forth more happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation?

Why not pursue peace and help bring about a more peaceful world?

25. To the people of Singapore,

This is the time for us to live out the Singapore pledge.

It’s time to close rank as one united people.

Let’s not find happiness in other people’s misery.

Let’s not take sides unnecessarily because that will not help in resolving the conflicts.

Let’s not throw mud at anybody because that will only make our hands dirty too.

Let’s pray and send our heartfelt wishes to the Lee family.

As one united people, we should continue to focus on building a brighter future for our country and future generations.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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