A Revolution Of Love (Part 6) – Loving The People Around You

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

A Revolution Of Love (Part 6) – Loving The People Around You

Tears were streaming down her eyes.

It was like my words had spoken to something deep within her and it had broken the dam of her emotions.

As I was conversing with her, she was going through a roller coaster of feelings.

Shortly after, her face started to brighten up.

It felt like the sun had broken through fears of her night.

You could see the brightening glow on her face, a reflection of inner breakthroughs.

Throughout the conversation, interestingly we could not understand each other.

We were communicating through a translator.

After awhile, it seemed like we had gone beyond using words to convey meanings and messages.

We were sharing from the spirit of our beings.

This encounter occurred during another one of the many strange events in my life.

It happened when I attended a seminar in 2010.

So, what’s so strange about this experience?

Actually, it was stranger than I first thought and the drama unfolded over a period of time.

First, that training programme was held in Bali, Indonesia and it was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

I have never been to that place before and I did not understand the language.

In fact, I had to bring an interpreter with me from Singapore.

It was conducted by Mr Tung Waringin, one of the top authors, public speakers and trainers in Indonesia.

He was and is still known as the “Anthony Robbins” of his country and he commands a large following and one of the highest fees in the industry.

I like to humbly add that I was instrumental in getting him started in the business and it happened not too long after he resigned from his job as a banker.

In the early days, I shared with him about how to be an entrepreneur and how to present himself and communicate in the business world.

I have to admit regrettably that I was initially very harsh on him.

My earlier batch of students would confirm that I was I very tough on all of them.

Thankfully, I believe that I have mellowed and hopefully, become more sensitive and wiser in dealing with people.

Tung was very committed to learning and improving himself.

Within a short period of time, he grew personally and professionally, and he grew by leaps and bounds.

I have been watching his growth and was very impressed with his achievements and results.

So I decided to register for his seminar and learn from him.

It became another wonderful learning experience for me.

During the seminar, as per my usual self, I was friendly to the co-trainers, staff and students.

Tung subsequently told me that I was an encouragement to many of the students and had value-added to their learning journey.

During the last day of the seminar, I sensed a divine calling to speak to the above mentioned participant.

At that point, she was struggling through a difficult challenge, a challenge that required her to make an important decision in life.

In the process of sharing with her, she had a breakthrough.

The dark clouds in her mind was dispersed, and she was ready to take on a different route to reach her targeted destination.

That was not the end of the story.

About six months later, she wrote a long letter to thank me for the encouragement and inspiration.

She was very happy that she was fulfilling her potential and calling in life.

The story continued…

About two years later, she flew to meet me in my office.

Among many things, she told me, “Our meeting was a turning point in my life.

“I made a major decision and today, I’m a millionaire.

“More importantly, I am helping many people and I feel a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment”.

At that moment, I felt so uplifted.

The feelings that filled my heart was something that money could not buy.

It beat owning any material possession and enjoying modern day pleasures.

Gave new meanings to my life and made it so much more exciting.

That experience inspired me to do more for the people around me and to do better in serving them.

As I journey through life, I have come to realise that people who love others are in a better position to be happy.

When you show more compassion, kindness and generosity, you can also increase your level of well being.

While acts of kindness can increase your happiness quotient, it is when you make it an integral part of your life that you will have a greater sense of meaning, excitement and fulfillment.

Why Love People

In our company, we have a saying:

“The more you reach out to bless other lives, the richer and better your life will become.”

The rationale is simple.

1. Self-Esteem

Our Creator has created you to love Him and to love others just as you love yourself.

You are designed to be loving, compassionate and kind.

Unfortunately, in the process of a busy lifestyle, you may have buried the value of love deep in your being.

When you reignite love and reach out to be a blessing to others, you are fulfilling His calling for you.

Your acts of kindness will help develop and reinforce a positive mindset and behaviour.

Enhance your self-worth, confidence and fulfilment.

And also enjoy a healthier self-esteem and sense of well being.

2. Gratefulness

As you continue to share your love, you will learn to empathise with people, including the poor, weak, and needy.

Learn to be sensitive to their feelings and sympathise with their challenges.

When you give more thoughts to their plight, you will have fewer worries about yourself.

In fact, you will become more grateful for your life.

You will soon realise, if you have not already done so that our Creator has blessed you in so many ways.

You should feel thankful for the privilege to serve and to share a part of your life with others.

The feelings that you will enjoy cannot be described in words.

Soon, you’ll become a happier person.

3. Competence

In the process of value-adding on other lives, it will enhance your potential, talents and skillset.

Help you develop new knowledge, competence, and other resources.

Through involvements in different projects for the good of the community, you will also learn to become a better manager and leader.

4. Social Skills

As you get involved in different areas of social contributions, you will learn to be thankful for people and to show your appreciation to them.

You will realise that there is only so much you can do on your own.

However, with many hands, you can achieve better results.

Along the way, you will learn to improve your interpersonal relationship skills.

It will put you in a better position to achieve your goals and dreams in life.

5. Friendships

In the process of helping others, you will expand your network of friendships.

Your friends will also be more inclined to help you and contribute to your life.

With more friends, you can live a more interesting life.

It will also make your life more meaningful and fulfilling.

Your acts of kindness can help you feel better about yourself.

It will generate positive emotions and outcomes, and that can inspire more people to be involved in social contributions.

Principles For Loving People

From my observation of people who happily serve others, I realised there are key principles that can guide you in your engagements and contributions.

While it is important to love people, you should do so in the right spirit and in the right way.

1. Principle of Free Will

Carry out acts of kindness on your own accord.

Do not feel compelled to put in time, effort and other resources.

By doing that, you will be more willing to commit yourself to doing good.

Enjoy the contributions and achieve better results.

2. Principle of Passion

The key to enjoying acts of kindness is to be passionate about your chosen and worthwhile activities.

Remember, passion needs to be constantly fired up.

Make your contributions interesting, fun, and diverse in terms of responsibilities and activities.

Start with initiatives that you can easily handle and then gradually move out of your comfort zone to discover new experiences and ways to enhance your contributions.

Over time, you will learn to better manage your time, and devote more of your resources to love and serve others.

3. Principle of Motivation

Volunteer your services because you want to help others and not because of any self-interests.

Help people who will benefit from your services and do not be unduly concern about those who refuse your help.

4. Principle of Personal Strengths

Contribute to others by making full use of your current talents, strengths and resources.

Do not attempt anything that is beyond your abilities and as a result, cause unnecessary complications and challenges.

5. Principle of Capacity

Do not overwork yourself to a point where you will bring more stress to your life and to others.

Note that loving people does not necessarily have to be complicated, time consuming, and grand.

6. Principle of Balance

Maintain a healthy balance between loving others and loving yourself.

Calibrate your social contributions and managing of your personal life so as to achieve win-win outcomes.

7. Principle of Consistency

Acts of kindness should not be a one-off affair.

It should be carried out on a regular basis throughout your life.

8. Principle of Lifestyle

While it is good to perform acts of kindness in random, it is better if you can plan for a cause that you believe in and are happy to commit yourself to it.

Make it a part of your daily habits and gradually do more until acts of kindness become a part of your lifestyle.

The Best Time To Start A Life Of Love Is Now.

Acts of kindness is a win-win initiative.

It will benefit both the recipient as well as the giver.

Obviously, please do not do it and expect any form of rewards and returns.

As you do it with the right motives and in the right way, you can become a happier person.

When is the best time to start being happy?

If your answer is “Now,” then start to carry out acts of kindness.

Be a blessing to the people around you, and watch your happiness index go up

Where do you start from? Right where you are.

Acts of kindness can be performed for your family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, friends and the people around you.

Like they say, bloom where you are planted.

You do not have to implement major projects to make a positive impact.

Offering a kind word, a pat on the back, a short note of appreciation, a small donation, a smile, your time to engage in a positive conversation… these are some of the things you can do in the span of a day.

Look around you.

There is somebody who needs an act of kindness from you.

There are infinite numbers of ways to brighten up the world and the lives of people near to you.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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