Beauty And Wonders Of Life.

by Patrick Liew on October 16, 2013

“Why do you wake up at 4am to track up a mountain in total darkness? Why walk up a steep slope with no image and feel of the destination and at a temperature of four degree Celsius ?

“Why do it in a strange land and among strange people who speak a strange language? Why put your life at risk?”

If you had asked me these question before the experience, I would probably have told you, “There is an adventurous spirit in me.”

If you stared at me long enough, I would admit to you, “Ok, there’s a streak of foolishness in me. You can call it madness but what’s the difference between that and an adventurous spirit?”

It happened on my first trip to Yogjakarta in 1991 and I was there on business. Someone had told me about a mystical mountain, Mount Bromo and it sat on what the locals called ‘segura wadi’ or a sea of sand.

The mountain has a height of 2,329 metres of splendour. The nature reserve around it has been protected since 1919.

From a distance, it was perpetually shrouded in mist. It seemed to be sleeping behind mesmerising landscape and shadows.

Mount Bromo stood like a wise sage beckoning me and many others to climb its slope. A call to indulge in beauty and to reflect on the vicissitudes of life.

I was hooked but the catch was I need to wake up before 4am. I had to track up the mountain if I wanted to experience what was said to be one of the most breathtaking sunrises.

It was not until I hit the track that I realised I would be walking in total darkness. It was so dark that I could not even see my fingers when I stretched out my hands.

Along the way, I was offered by different strangers to ride on horses to the top. For some unknown reasons, even though the price was relatively inexpensive, I did not accept the offers.

Soon, I was joined by different people. We were walking close to one another, all of us were mad or should I say, suffering from different degrees of insanity. Lol!

It was a long walk or what seemed like a long walk because of the darkness and unfamiliar terrain. I could not recall most parts of the journey as my mind was running through different thoughts and imaginations.

All I remembered was at one point a commanding voice ordered everybody to sit on the ground. It was damp because of the morning dew and not the most comfortable place to sit.

Soon, streaks of golden rays started to pierce through the back of the distant horizon. More rays gradually appeared, forming a magnificent sight against the dark expanse of the sky.

Shortly after, I discovered we were sitting on a ridge, overseeing the crater of an active volcano. Every now and then, it would send plumes of volcanic smoke into the air.

The amazing phenomenon was like being serenaded by a wonderful orchestra. It touched a tender part of my soul.

All around me was a dramatic scene of stunning beauty and serenity.

I felt like I had been transported into a beautiful portrait. The only difference was I had a 360 degree view of the sensational landscape.

The track back to the hotel was just as magical. It was like passing through an extraordinary fantasy.

I was walking on silky sheets of windswept and powdery sand. A dreamland created by an out-of-the-world but exceptional artist.

The paradise-like feeling literally took my breaths away.

Little did I knew that the sulphuric content of the atmosphere was abnormally high. I was unconsciously breathing  in more minute particles than my lungs could handle.

For the next five days, I had to lie in bed. I could hardly breathe and the medicine prescribed by the local doctor did not provide much relief.

I felt like I was on my dying bed, gasping for breath as I prayed to the good Lord to spare my life. The glimpse of paradise or what felt like paradise was not enough to make me let go of my earthly life.

There were more beauty around me that I have not explored. More wonders that I have not experienced and it would be a waste of life if I don’t do it.

I was quickened to pursue beauty throughout my life.

I want to be in awe and grateful for the wonders that are around me.

I want to be enthralled by nature’s captivating masterpieces – beauty that no humans can reproduce. These works of natural art are mostly within easy reach.

What’s not easy is to free my mind to reach out to them. To have the mindfulness to be aware and to savour the beauty and wonders of life.

I want to be in constant worship of our Creator. I want to praise Him for all the goodness within and around me.

Please join me.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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