Building A Family

by Patrick Liew on June 21, 2011

My family and I went to check out a newly-opened Japanese vegetarian restaurant. After that, we went to a karaoke lounge and sang our hearts out.

The family outings of the Liew’s are generally fun. It helps when all of us have a sense of humour and are game for all kinds of antics to amuse ourselves.

I’m happy to be blessed with a great family. Like all daddy should, I’m also very proud of my children – both of whom made it for the Gifted Education Programme.

Family life is important. Yet, few of us, if any have gone through any training to be a good spouse, child or parent.

I told my friend, I’m an ‘L’-plated father. I need to learn how to be a good father and at the same time, put these lessons into action.

The important thing is – I need to build on my family to enjoy a good family life. I’m guilty of not doing enough but I will continue to work on it.


Question: How can we build a healthy family life?


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