Challenging, Defying And Trying

by Patrick Liew on July 13, 2011

Many years ago, someone asked me, “What would you like to see written on your tombstone?”

My immediate response was, “He tried”.

I have come to accept and be at peace with the fact that I’m not an outstanding person – although I sometimes stand outside the classroom.  Ha!

I have many flaws, frailties, follies and failures in my life.

However, I hope nobody will ever fault me for not trying hard enough in life.

I do not wish to be blamed for a lack of passion, commitment and effort.

As I reflected on my life, I have challenged many “impossibles” in my lifetime.

I have helped to build the first single-focus real estate agency to be listed on Singapore Exchange. The market leader in our industry. And won more awards than any other agency.

We have done more charity work than many charity organizations. And set three national records for raising funds for a good cause…

On many occasions in my life, I was torned with negative emotions. I have  wrestled with them and pushed myself beyond my personal boundaries and limits.

I have tracked and stayed in tropical jungles. Did a somersault for the first time recently.

Spent more than 30 years in classrooms and still not wanting to ‘graduate’. Lived my life simpler than most executives…

With the help of our Creator, I will continue to challenge life. I will defy my fears.

I will continue to try and push myself beyond seemingly impossible horizons.

How I live my life will determine what I will leave behind in my life.

In this sense, I hope to inspire my children and friends to challenge, to defy, and to try whatever good that life can offer us.


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