Contributing To People’s Future

by Patrick Liew on August 1, 2011

Every month, I make it a point to talk to all the new agents during the orientation program. I am always mindful they are flesh and blood and they choose to join us with their own dreams, struggles, and life stories.

I do not take this fact lightly.

I would share with them the outstanding achievement I had during my first year in real estate. I broke an all-time record.

I lost more than six figure worth of money.

I do not know of any agent in Singapore or anywhere in the world who has lost more money than me.

I am most likely The Number 1 Failure In The Real Estate Industry.

Why? Because – here’s where I can give you all my excuses, but the truth is – I thought I knew it all.

I never truly learned the trade. I did not discipline myself to be an effective agent. That’s why, I deserved to fail.

I joke with the class they should never fail worst than me. I wanted to lay claim to being the greatest failure until the end of times.

I asked them to use their hands to symbolically remove whatever arrogance, laziness and other blockages from their life.

I challenged them to change whatever they are currently doing if they want to improve their results.

I envy them.

As a result of my personal failures, I have done everything within my means to make sure my agents have a much better chance to succeed than me.

I hope they will make full use of everything we have set up in our company.

I want them to be the next generation of top achievers in the industry. I hope they will help us improve the image and standards of our profession and take it to a much higher level.

I want to invest in and contribute to their future.


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