Dance With Dreams

by Patrick Liew on March 26, 2014

I dream to be awakened.
I dream to be found alive.
I dream to realize no limits.
It is finding the soul in me, the eternal being.


I dream because I am.
I dream because once, I lived that dream.
I want to live again. I want to taste the past again
In my future.

I am the passage of such great dreams.
My hands are blessed with victory.
And so my dream becomes my reality.

To dream is to dance.
To swing time and destiny in my arms.
Living is dreaming.
And dreaming is living.

In dreams, I, the soul, am the master
In hopes and wishes, there is no light.

I dream because I see clearly.
It is the mirror of my own beauty.
A tiny, shining jewel in the tapestry of our Creator.
In dreaming, I open my arms to the Beloved
Who has chosen me.

To play my role. Mine and uniquely mine.
In dreaming, I am worth more than a thousand diamonds.
In dreaming, I find myself again.
My respect and my honour.

In dreaming, I give birth to courage.
And I begin to spin the wheel of my own fortune.
It is in dreaming that my heart beats again.
And the world finds a new life in me.

– Patrick Liew and a mysterious poet


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