Doing My Part

by Patrick Liew on June 15, 2011

When I was writing this note, I was looking outside the window. It was pouring cats and dogs.

I had just received an SMS, reporting about the floods at different parts of the country.

Unusual weather for June. Traditionally it has always been hot, dry and humid.

With signs like this, it is a wonder why some people still choose not to believe in global warming.

Stranger still, why are we not doing something, or doing more to save our planet?

We have been strangling Earth for so many years. We have been killing the essence of what kept it alive.

No, I do not believe for a moment Earth is on a path of vengeance. I don’t believe our Creator has designed it to inflict pain and sorrow.

I choose to see Earth loving and being patient with us. It has come to a point where it cannot control itself anymore.

Earth is crying in pain and bleeding in sorrow.

I have blogged about this issue and spoken about it. My company has also tried to do more to address this concern.

In the final analysis, global warming can only be resolved if all of us join hands together. Each one of us must do our part to go green.

It starts with me.

I want to ask myself, Can I do something to make Earth more sustainable – starting from today? Can I, for example, use one less plastic material – and then, another…?

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

Life is FUNtastic!

Question: How can we do our part to protect our planet?


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