Enjoying Food

by Patrick Liew on June 23, 2011

There is a small restaurant in Johore, Malaysia that I will always patronize whenever I am in Malaysia. The restaurant’s name is 古 早 人  which literally means ‘Ancient Humans’.

This restaurant is a Taiwanese-styled Porridge Restaurant.You can order ala-carte from more than 50 food items in the menu.

The food is simple but delicious and they are affordably priced – at least to many Singaporeans.

Although the ambience of the restaurant is spartan, I feel a sense of warmth and coziness, especially if I am eating with good friends.

I feel good to eat at the restaurant and I have fond memories of my time in it.

I love good food. The Chinese has a saying, “Enjoying good food is like having a glimpse of paradise.”

Question: How can we better enjoy our food?


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