Enjoying Life

by Patrick Liew on July 12, 2011

At my company’s Annual Dinner and Dance, I did things that few CEOs would do – and not even normal employees would attempt to do.

For those who don’t know me, they were shocked.

I partied like a ‘mad man’.

As I have always said – when it comes to partying – nobody is crazier than me.

I danced longer, harder and funkier than anybody. With cartwheels thrown in – on tables and at every imaginable space.

I did ‘Planking’ – probably the first 200-year old to do it. They thought I died and almost gave me an artificial resuscitation. Ha!

If you need to know what ‘planking’ is – please don’t join my ‘Can’t-Grow-Old’ Club. Ha!

I even attempted the ‘Shuffles’. The good thing about living long enough was that old dance steps would come back into fashion again.

In this case, the Shuffles was a simpler version of the Street Reggae I used to do more than 30 years ago.

The night was literally ever young for me – even after I have joined the last group of revelers to walk out of the Ballroom.

Jokes, humour, and other healthy ways of having fun are very serious parts of my life.

You take that away from me, you would have taken away a major essence in my life.

I used to say – I have never worked a single day in my life. It was just one big happy party and pure fun.

I believe if there were no elements of fun, there can’t be true success.

Enjoying life is a very spiritual part of my life.


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