Expanding The Possibilities

by Patrick Liew on July 1, 2011

 When I was a child; like most children, I would try anything and everything. I was curious, playful and adventurous.

I felt like nothing can stop me. I could achieve anything I set out to do.

I remember when I was four years old, I pretended to be Superman flying around the world. In other words, my house. I would be fighting all the villains and saving the world.

I climbed to the top of a tall cupboard and ‘flew’ down. I hit the edge of a Milo can and had a deep slash on my forehead.

The scar remained until today. Smart girls like my wife would find it absolutely charming. Ha!

That was my first major failure. My world became smaller after that day.

Later, I had other negative experiences. Let me share some of them with you.

Once, I tried to save my friends from a bunch of football hooligans but they ran away and left me standing alone.

My best friend of twenty years stood me up in a business venture.

The first girlfriend of mine broke my heart and made me decide to become a confirmed bachelor (and later, a condemned bachelor until my wife took pity on me).

My ex-boss became jealous of my high commissions…

What was even more tragic was that my world became smaller after every experience.

I lost the magic, the courage, and the spirit of a child.

After every My HSR Bootcamp, I learned that I did not have to limit my world. I did not have to feel that my dreams and goals are outside of it.

I did not have to believe ‘It cannot be done.’ I can always ask myself, “How can I make it happen?”

I can revive my ‘Can Do it’ spirit. I can bring back the positive values of a child. Like we always say in My HSR, Go4It!


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