Farewell My Old Friend!

by Patrick Liew on September 14, 2016

I’m sad to hear that Bellum Tan, an old friend has passed away.

Bellum was a fellow sojourner on the learning journey.

I can’t tell you how many seminars we have attended together both locally and overseas.

We both share the same joy of learning and of stretching ourselves.

Over time we have also become teachers for different subject matters and in our different ways.

However, I have always suspected that, like me, Bellum was happier sitting through another seminar and learning from another guru than standing in front of the participants.

It was his spirit of humility and pursuit of progress that made him ask for permission to sit through one of my seminars recently.

During the class, I had asked him to share his expertise with my students at a later date. He acceded to my request without hesitating for a moment.

Such was his heart for teaching and helping others go farther and faster in life.

Even though he was a successful entrepreneur and investor, there was no air about him.

Bellum was a friendly and approachable person.

He had a warm smile for those who knew him and a high touch in the way he related to others.

To many of his friends, Bellum was a fatherly figure, always ready to give a pat on the back, a friendly advice, and a helping hand.

His spirit of learning, doing well and doing good lives on in the lives of people he has touched over the years.

My heart, thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

It’s a sad day for me to lose a friend and a brother.

Rest in peace, old friend.

We’ll meet again in a classroom somewhere beyond the clouds. And we can brainstorm new ideas again with even greater fun, joy and fulfillment.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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