Fill It Up

by Patrick Liew on March 22, 2014

We fill our diary with work and not time to live our life.

We fill our bank account with money and not our mind with wisdom.

We fill our house with stuffs and not our heart for service.

We fill our body with things that glitter but not our life with acts that shine even in broad daylight.

We fill our stomach with sweet and fattening food and not our being with spiritual nutrition.

We fill our desires with people’s approval and not the soul with our authentic self.

We fill our drive with materialistic pleasures and not our dream with higher pursuits.

We fill the earth with pollutants, wastes and excesses and not our community with love, peace and fulfillment.

We fill our world with ego-self and not our higher self with care for the world.

We fill our world with more and more and our spirit with less and less.

We fill our travel with restlessness and not our journey with tranquility.

Fill life with what matters. Fill it up now.


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Life is FUNtastic!


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