Fishing For Success

by Patrick Liew on September 1, 2011

There we were standing at the edge of a ‘floating bungalow’ – a house in the middle ofLakeKenyir.

My family and I were munching on cream crackers when we saw a school of fish swimming near the house.

The natural reaction was to look for a fishing rod. All we found was a landing net.

No matter how we tried to scoop, we could not scoop any of the fishes.

It dawned upon me that they have not been trained in the army. They just refused to obey our orders. 🙂

One seasoned fisherman approached us.

Quietly, he asked for permission to borrow the landing net.

Next, he crumbled a few cream crackers.

He threw them into the water.

That caused the fishes to go into a frenzy. They were literally swimming over each other to swallow bits and pieces of the crackers.

Meanwhile, the fisherman had placed the net into the water. With one quick swipe, he scooped one of the fishes into the net.

The experience was quite a memorable one. It was especially so because we had tried everything we could and for quite awhile to catch a fish.

It was an exciting sight to see a reasonably big fish jumping around in the net. Somehow, it must have tasted sweeter when it was cooked for dinner.

As I reflected on this fishing experience, I realized there are many useful lessons from fishing that can help me to become more successful in life.

Here are some ‘fishy’ lessons:

1. To catch a good fish, you must go to where the fishes are. Don’t expect the fish to take a taxi and come to you. 🙂

2. You cannot catch a fish in the comfort of a spa and while enjoying a massage. You may need to go under the hot sun and brave the weather to catch the fish. 🙂

3. If you are not well-prepared, better learn to appreciate looking at water. That’s what you may end up doing for a long time. 🙂

4. You cannot use sticks and stones as bait. You must know what will attract the fish and use the right bait. 🙂

5. Please do not scold and curse at the fish. I have not met a fish that can read a human mind yet. 🙂

6. If the fisherman has more will power, he will learn how to catch more and better fish. If the fish has more will power, it will just stay in the water and laugh at you. 🙂

7. You must exercise patience and perseverance to catch a fish. Many people gave up just before the fish have enough time to smell the bait (can fish smell?) and fall for it. 🙂

8. If the spot has no fish, please move to another spot. But please be sure there are no fish at the spot first, otherwise you will just look at more water. 🙂

9. There is a difference between having a rock concert and fishing. A little noise and disturbance can cause the fishes to dive deep and swim far away from you. It’s not just about the bait but also about how you conduct yourself. 🙂

10. If the fish is not what you want on your dining table, don’t carry the unnecessary burden home, not even for the exercise. 🙂

       Leave it in the water to grow bigger and it may feed somebody’s stomach in the near future. 🙂

11. You cannot learn the skills of a fisherman in the classroom. The fish cannot be there to role play with you – even though some humans may look like sharks. 🙂

12. The fisherman that tells tall tales all the time will soon find that no one will want to listen to him. If they do, it’s just for a good laugh. 🙂

13. Fishing is fun. How much fun you will have depends on you – and not the fish. 🙂


Fishes have less brain than you – but they know how to have fun. The point is to not have less brain but to have more fun. 🙂


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: What lessons can you learn from your hobby, sports, or interests that can help you to achieve success in life?




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