Formula For Financial Prosperity

by Patrick Liew on January 22, 2018

Financial Prosperity (FP) is the multiplier effect of financial technology (FT) on the sum total of human capital (HC), social capital (SC), and value-creating assets (VA) minus total expenditure (TE)

In short:

FP= FT(HC + SC + VA) – TE

The questions that beg to be answered are as follows:

Financial Technology (FT)

To create and accelerate the growth of your financial assets, you need to be supported by optimal financial technology.

Financial technology helps you achieve ever more wealth with ever less resources.

1. Do you have the requisite financial literacy knowledge and skills to be rich and wealthy?

2. Do you have the required structure, system, processes, infoccommunicatjon technology, and other resources to help you become financially free?

Human Capital (HC)

Wealth creation begins with re-creating yourself. The quality of your wealth depends on the quality of your life, livelihood and lifestyle.

The larger your capacity for creating wealth, the larger the amount of wealth you will attract and multiply in your life.

3. Do you have the appropriate plan, information, knowledge, capacity and expertise and very importantly, the financial habits and actionable steps to achieve financial success?

4. Do you have the wealth-creation wisdom, discipline, grit, tenacity, and resilience to press on until you reach your financial destination?

Social Capital (SC)

In creating wealth, like they say, it’s not just about what you know but also who you know.

Your net worth will tend towards the average net worth of your closest friends.

Therefore, increase your social capital to increase your financial capital.

5. Are you learning from and modeling after the top ranks of the rich and wealthy people?

6. Are you interacting with and building solid relationships with people who will drive you to improve your financial position and assets?

Value-Creating Assets (VA)

I have to state once again that I’m not a believer that you must have money to make money.

The easier and better way to create wealth is to monetize non-financial items and seek to maximize your returns from them.

7. Do you know how to translate what you already have or can develop in your life to become value-creating assets?

They include your focus, personality, mindfulness, vision, beliefs, values, leadership, integrity, passion, discipline, spirituality, capacity and competence, ideas, team, market intelligence, courage, creativity, innovation, learning and improvement process, initiatives, system, technology, productivity, connections, persuasiveness, deal making and management skills etc.

8. How are you going to develop the knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits (KASH) to help you run farther and faster on the financial journey?

Total Expenditure (TE)

It is not much of point to create wealth and then spend it unwisely.

9. Are you disciplined in your spending habits?

11. Have you mastered the skill for delayed gratification?

13. Are you able to find happiness and fulfillment without having to spend money and acquire material possessions?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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