Free Yourself Through Forgiveness

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

I want to share with you one of the worst things as well as one of the best things I did in my life.

Years ago, I felt our Creator wanted me to close many ‘unclosed files’ in my life. I was to recall all the people who have wronged me, hurt me, scarred me, disappointed me or have done anything negative to me.

I was to willingly, consciously and sincerely forgive each and every one of them.

Like you, I have had my fair share of people who had done wrong by me. The more I tried to remember them, the more faces appeared in my mind. And the more I realized how much negative feelings I harbored against them.

These feelings have always been inside of me. They have been gnawing away quietly in my heart and spirit.

It was hard but I had to forgive them. And forgive them again and again whenever I remember them.

I even had to forgive myself. I, more than anybody else, have sabotaged and hurt myself in the past.

Someone once said, ‘If we don’t forgive others, it is like taking poison ourselves and expecting them to die.’ ‘If only we forgive others, more than half of our psychological problems can be resolved’.

After I had completed the difficult process, I felt really good about myself. That’s when I sensed our Creator asking me to proceed to the second part of the difficult journey.

I was to contact every one of them and ask them to forgive me. I could have done something that has triggered them to take those negative actions against me. I have to say sorry to them.

My heart sanked.

Every part of me fought against the idea. I was too stunned to do anything initially. Eventually I did – but with a lot of reluctance.

I did everything possible to locate each one of them and, strangely, I managed to do it. I had to ask them with so much difficulty, “Will you forgive me?”

One by one, I apologized to them. I asked them to forgive me. I also wished them well in their lives. This process went on for quite a while.

Finally, I came to the last person – the one that caused me the most pain and misery. My whole body shooked when I told him, “I am sorry”.

When the conversation ended, I felt like my ego has been crushed. A huge rock was lifted from my heart.

I felt so light that I could fly. And I did soar higher in my life.

I wished I had gone through this process earlier on in my life. I was carrying the invisible baggages while trying to go further and faster in life.

I resolved to always forgive others and to ask for forgiveness when necessary.

So, if I have done anything wrong; or if My HSR Family of which I am the appointed servant-leader has done anything wrong by you, I want to take full responsibility for it. I am sorry. Will you forgive My HSR Family and me?

Please let me close by sharing with you about Nelson Mandela. Mr Mandela was put into prison in South Africa for 27 years under an absurd charge. After he was released, he chose to harbor no ill-feelings against his jailors and to also forgive them.

In the movie, Invictus, Mr Mandela was quoted to have said, ‘Forgiveness liberates the soul.’


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