Giving Meaning To A Name

by Patrick Liew on June 25, 2011

What does your name mean to you?
What do people say about your name?

I used to have an office facing what is known today as the Marina Bay. In fact, I moved into the office before the government started the project.

At the rate they were reclaiming from the sea, I used to joke with my Australian friends, “Someday, I don’t need to fly to your country, I can just drive there.” J

After the project was completed, the government was concerned about how they should call the newly-reclaimed land. Our future CBD would be at that location.

To cut a long story short, they hired a consultant for $400,000 to come out with a name for it. At the end of the study, the consultant essentially concluded that (drum roll please!) –

“Marina Bay should be called Marina Bay.

“$400,000, please.”

All of us were given a name at birth. I have learned to love my name.

I hope you love your name too.

My name means something to me. It also carries a meaning to others.

I have been asking myself, “When people think of my name, what will they be thinking about?

“How will my loved ones remember me when I no longer exist?”


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