Helping Women Take Up Leadership Positions

by Patrick Liew on February 20, 2017

We need to press on to find out why there’s a disproportionate number of women in leadership positions and take proactive actions to resolve the issue.

If we don’t leverage on women’s talents, we may not be tapping on the full potential of our human resources to improve productivity and competitiveness, and achieve greater good for our future.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Singapore “can rely on the most flexible and the second most attractive labor market in the world, although the participation of women in the workforce remains relatively low (75th).”

The WEF also states that “expansion of opportunities for women has the potential to transform the economies, societies and demographics of countries as a whole.”

However, gender parity should not be practiced blindly. It should not affect overall effectiveness, efficiency and results.

On the other hand, not addressing gender parity may cause a cascade of negative consequences.

An organization that has no women or a lack of women in leadership positions may suffer planning myopia and deficiency in its operation.

It may not have a proper perspective of female stakeholders, including employees and customers and get a more complete feedback from them.

For example, it may be better for a female leader in engineering to convince other females to take up engineering courses and careers.

When there’s gender diversity in the leadership team, there’ll be a diversity of ideas. It can also help to contribute to more creative and innovative ideas and breakthroughs.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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