How To Survive And Succeed In The Real Estate Agency Industry

by Patrick Liew on January 8, 2012

Dear Bro/Sis in My HSR Family,

The real estate industry will go through a sea change.

Unfortunately, in the days ahead, many small and medium sized agencies will have to close shop.

Even large agencies may collapse. They will have to face the challenges of a very demanding and competitive environment.


To survive in the near future, there are six (6) critical success factors:

1. Credibility

Customers are forced to work with an established, reputable, and successful company.

HSR is the 1st and only single-focus real estate agency to be listed on Singapore Exchange. HSR literally belongs to the public. This will help us to earn trust, respect, affection and loyalty.

My HSR is also the most awarded real estate agency. We have helped to win 39 prestigious business awards.

My HSR’s professionalism, quality, service and results have been evaluated by many experts from different backgrounds. No other agency has been put through such stringent tests and competed with so many companies both in Singapore and overseas.

My HSR stands tall amongst giants. We deliver!

2. Finance

To survive and succeed in the highly competitive market, you need to have capital and be able to access a wider source of funding.

The costs are going up. Profits from agents’ commissions are coming down. Investments to compete effectively are increasing.

Most agencies do not have a deep enough pocket to survive and succeed in the tough market.

As a publicly-listed company, My HSR’s market capitalization is approximately $30 million depending on the shares value. Obviously, we have more alternatives for raising funds to support you and grow your business.

3. Infrastructure

To comply with the stringent laws and regulations, agencies need a strong infrastructure of corporate governance, organizational talents, systems and processes.

My HSR has been invited as the one and the only presenter to share with KEOs about our Corporate Governance Framework. In is indeed an honour to be recognized and to share with our colleagues in the industry.

We have one of the strongest leadership and management teams – and it is still growing.

My HSR has the largest commercial office space to provide more solution, support, and services to help you succeed under the new regime.

4. Training & Coaching

The market is changing very fast. The industry is going through major restructuring.

Customers are becoming more educated, sophisticated and demanding.

Agencies will need to be able to re-train and re-tool their salespersons. If not, they will eventually have to leave the industry.

My HSR has more training, trainers, training rooms, and training resources than any other real estate company. We can help you get the best results.

5. Infocomm Technology

My HSR is the first company to migrate to cloud technology to comply with the Estate Agents Act 2011.

As the winner of the National Infocomm Award from IDA, Singapore Government and the Infocomm Singapore Award from the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation, we will support you with cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best results.

6. Business Tools

My HSR has more business tools than any other agencies. These are weapons to help you dominate the market.

My HSR is continuing to improve. We are much better this month than previous months, and we will continue to strengthen ourselves until we become a respectable market leader.

That’s why many ex-HSR salespersons are returning back to us. Many more salespersons and even KEOs are joining our warm, dynamic and caring family.

Together, we will be a model for the industry and a shining light in the business community.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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