Learnathon 2013 – Part 1

by Patrick Liew on November 13, 2013

Since Typhoon Haiyan (or Typhoon Yolanda by Filipino Authorities) started its path of destruction, I have not been feeling good.

I have not been sleeping well.

I read about the “absolute bedlam,” affecting more than 9 million people.

Death toll has been estimated to be about 10,000 people and it’s still on the rise.

About 630,000 people have lost their homes. They are on the streets, not knowing when they will get the next meal and a place to rest.

This storm is considered as the worst storm that the world has ever seen.

As the country moves into the rainy season, the calamities will most likely get worst.

Statistics aside, one voice haunted my mind, “We are so very hungry and thirsty.”

To be honest, I tried to avoid reading about the Philippines Typhoon. I did not want to see the images.

Somehow, I cannot escaped from the voices crying for help. The faces of my Filipino brothers and sisters flashed across my mind.

I can feel their pain and sorrow.

I had to do something.

I made many calls for help.

I needed a team, a few more good men and women.

Yes, we are running Learnathon again.

Go to the following:




Judging by the past success, it will be a rousing success again.

We will take on the storm.

We will fight a good fight again and this time, to help victims of the Philippines typhoon.

Join me?



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