Leading The Past

by Patrick Liew on January 28, 2015

Deep in the recesses of your heart, a voice cries out. A fire awaits to be reignited, driving you to change.

“Live a different life,” the voice says “Live it well.”

Your life belongs to you and no one else. Neither does it belong to the past nor to anything around and within you.

The world does not have to shape you in any way undesired. Nor lead you to and through an unwanted path.

1. You have the gift of choice.

Our Creator has given you one of most beautiful gifts to change your life – the gift of choice.

You are free to decide your destiny. Free to make something out of your life.

You don’t need acceptance to make a choice, approval from anyone to make things happen. Nothing should take away the power of choice and change from you.

You are the outcome of yesterday’s choices. What you become tomorrow is the results of today’s decision.

In that moment of decision, you can change the fate of your life forever.

2. The past belongs to the past.

Sadly, many have framed the past from the lens of pain rather than gain, the lost rather than what’s left.

They focus on the letdowns rather than the precious lessons that can help them leapfrog to a brighter future.

Instead of rising up to become a victor, they talk themselves into becoming a victim.

They tell “stories” to comfort themselves. Stories to put blame on others and justify their part in it. Excuses for not being able to control the outcomes.

As a result, they allow the past to lead them down the slippery slope of negativity. A path that can only lead to destruction.

3. The past takes on the meaning you give to it.

In the final analysis, it is not the past that limits you or holds you back from success.

What the past means to you begins and ends with you and how you respond to it.

The way you view the past will determine what it means to you. How you respond to it will determine how it will mould and shape your life.

If you believe you cannot change the past, it will become a bondage to you. You will always return to and live through it.

If you hold on to negative values, they will become a burden to you. You will not be able to run further and faster in life.

If you don’t let go of past hurt and disappointment, they will be a baggage to you. They will weigh you down on the journey of life.

4. Take charge. Reclaim your life.

To change anything, you need to first change yourself. Take responsibility for your role in the drama of life.

Responsibility in essence means that you have the ability to respond to whatever life throws at you.

You can break out and break away from the past. Stop it from holding you back from the beauty of the present and wonders of the future.

If you have suffered in the past, you have paid a high price for it. Acknowledge what you have gone through and use the knowledge to free yourself.

It’s time to take charge and reclaim your life.

5. Change is not out there. It’s within you.

You can change your mental model, the way you view and respond to the past. Redesign your beliefs, values, and emotions about it.

You can make sense of past experiences by framing, interpreting, and constructing
meaning out of it.

You have the power to prevent the past from shaping you and condemning your future. You are free to decide what you want to do with your life.

You may not be able to change your past experience. However,
you can change your response to it. You can rise above it and determine its purpose, meaning and significance to your life.

Whatever happened in your life may not be the best. However, you can make the best of whatever has happened.

You may not be able to forget the past but you can change your feelings about it. You can replace negativity with positive emotions.

You cannot relive and correct your past but you can draw valuable feedback and lessons from it.

You can allow the past to become a great teacher. A teacher that will coach and guide you on how to develop a better you and a better future.

The logic is simple.

If you respond positively, you will get positive results. Your response can in turn improve yourself and the situation.

You can go and grow through the challenge. It does not have to be a millstone around your neck. It can be a cornerstone for your success.

6. Restart your life and create the best future.

The best way to manage the past is to manage your present and the future. Develop the capacity and competence to change and sustain the change.

Bring out the best from yourself and strive to be the best that you can ever be. Make full use of the resources that will lead you on the path to success.

In conclusion, don’t let the past become your life and freeze you in time. The time to confront the past and make peace with it is now.

Close the chapter and restart your life to claim your destiny. Hold on to your dream and expect the best from life to get the best from it.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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