Learnathon 2013 – The Final Challenge (Part 3).

by Patrick Liew on December 6, 2013

While writing this series of Love Notes, a lesson dawned upon me.

Happiness is that simple – just be active in helping other fellow humans.

The best way to live our life is to live our life for others.

When we invest in a human life, we live the best of life.

The more we reach out to bless other life, the richer and better our life will become.

The more acts of kindness we do, the happier we will become.

The rationale is simple.

1.       Self-Esteem

I realized when we reach out to help another fellow human, we will improve our self-esteem.

Our Creator has created us with the DNA for social contribution.

We are designed to be loving, kind, and compassionate.

By performing acts of kindness, it affirms the positive aspects of our nature, character, and disposition.

It enhances our self-worth, confidence, and sense of fulfillment.

Our life becomes more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling.

2.       Gratefulness

As we reach out to the weak, the poor, and the disadvantaged, we should become more grateful and thankful for the privilege to serve.

Our Creator has provided us with so many blessings. It should make us feel good to be able to share a part of our life with others.

3.       Competence

In the process of volunteering for a good cause, it will enhance our potential and talents.

It can help us develop new knowledge, competence, and other resources.

Through involvement in different projects, we can learn to become a better leader and manager.

4.       Social Skills

As we get involved with social contributions, we become more grateful for people and appreciative of relationships.

There is only so much we can do on our own. However, with many hands, we can do wonders.

Along the way we learn to improve our interpersonal relationship skills.

It puts us in a better position to achieve our goals and dreams in life.

5.       Friendships

From my experience, in the process of helping others, I have expanded my network of friends.

They have been very helpful to me and have contributed to my life.

I can go on sharing with you about the benefits of offering acts of kindness and being involved in social missions.

Suffice to say, they made me feel more excited about life.

It enhances my level of happiness.

It gives me a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Join me?


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