Letting Go Of The Past (Part E)

by Patrick Liew on August 3, 2011

“How can I forgive him after all the hurts that he has caused me?”

“I can never forget what she did to me. How can I ever forgive her?”

“The pain is too deep in my heart. It’s too hard to let go. Will you forgive him if you are in my shoes?”

These were some of the typical responses we heard in HSR’s series of stay-in bootcamps.

These life-changing trainings were organised to deal with matters of the heart.

We have learned that if our people did not let go of their emotional baggages, they could never go very far in their career.

One of the biggest psychological roadblocks is having an unforgiving spirit.

As long as my colleagues do not forgive their offenders, they will never live fully in the present. They could never focus their energy to achieve total success.

Truth be told, I still find it hard to forgive but I know I have to do it. I need to forgive because I owe it to my loved ones and to myself.

Over the years, I have discovered tremendous amount of benefits from forgiving others.

It has inspired me to develop ways to help me forgive others. I endeavor to find more and better ways to help my friends to enjoy the powerful healing process of forgiveness.

When I look at horrors of wars, destructive outcomes of conflicts, and results of hatred and retaliations, they have roots in unforgiveness and an unforgiving spirit.

It has led to mass murders, rapes, destruction of properties, terrorism, and unending pain and sorrow.

On the other hand, there are courageous leaders who have set a great example by forgiving their offenders. They have also encouraged their followers to have a forgiving spirit and that has made the world a better place.

Nelson Mandela forgave his political opponents even though they imprisoned him unjustly for 27 years.

Gandhi did not respond to violence with violence.

He chose the path of peace and forgave his colonial masters. As a result, he united his people and harnessed their energies to build the country.

Lord Jesus Christ challenged His followers to seek for forgiveness and to forgive others. He set a great example and the world was never the same again.

John Gray, a best-selling author won an award as a champion of forgiveness.

John’s father was killed by two hitch-hikers who were ex-convicts. He must have gone through a tremendous amount of suffering.

Instead of harbouring hatred and revenge, John organised a group of professionals to teach the power of forgiveness to prisoners. He has shared about this healing process through his books and talks.

There are many of such leaders that inspired me to forgive myself and others. They gave me the strength to release my negative emotions and make peace with my past.

They motivated me to ask for forgiveness and make peace with others. They inspired me to be a peace-maker, and to share the power of forgiveness and having a forgiving spirit.

Without forgiveness, I cannot live in the present and succeed in the future.


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