Do You Care?

by Patrick Liew on June 4, 2012

Recently, I received an ‘SOS’ from one of our caring salespersons. It was a call for help, a call that I and My HSR Family could not ignore and have to respond.Mdm Suzanna (not the real name) is suffering from diabetes. Her …husband works as a cleaner and cannot earn enough money to adequately support the family.

They have a daughter who is currently in prison and two other children who are young and still in school. In addition, they have to support their elderly mother who is staying with them.

According to our salesperson, they may not have enough food to eat and are consuming rice most of the time. She feared the worst for them.

We swung into action.

This family is now on our Agape Food Ration programme. They are receiving a variety of food items on a regular basis.

Today, I received an email from our salesperson who visited them and has been doing so frequently. They are thankful for our help.

Our salesperson wrote, amongst other things, ‘…their young children are able to have something to spread on their bread…’

A small little act, an abundance of happiness.

My HSR’s act of love and the response melted my heart.

This is not the only family we are helping.

We have helped and are helping many individuals, especially the elderly and families around our community and in our country. We have also extended our small little acts of kindness to people in many countries, especially during a natural crisis.

What’s touching is that our volunteers worked without salary or any rewards, financially or otherwise. They don’t get any public recognition from any NGO, VWO or the government.

My HSR family members have been doing it for years.

You can do your part too.

Every person counts. Every part matters.

If every one of us reaches out – one person at a time, one act of kindness at a time, one day at a time…, we will leave the world in a better state than when we first came to it.

We will leave a better world for our children and our children’s children.



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