Love Cheng Family

by Patrick Liew on June 4, 2012

18 – 30 May 2012

I’m happy to announce that my good friend, Andrew Chow is starting the above project to encourage the Cheng Family and to raise financial support for them.

… The family were left behind after the tragic death of Mr Cheng Teck Hock, a taxi driver and their sole bread winner. He died in a fatal accident on 12 May 2012 when a red Ferrari crashed into his taxi.

As a result of the tragedy, Mr Cheng’s eldest daughter, Stephanie Cheng was reported to have to put on hold her dream of going to the university. Her brothers might need help to catch up with their studies and to finance their education.

The family has to suffer the loss of a loving husband and father. In addition, they face a difficult and uncertain future.

This tragedy broke the heart of our nation. A lot of people have attended the funeral, many of whom have stretched out their hands to offer support and assistance.

This is why I’m so proud of our nation. When an ill wind of misfortune strikes, our people will rally together to make sure none of our own is being left behind.

This project is another initiative to show that we have soul in Singapore. There is love, compassion and kindness burning in our community.


1. Well Wishes. The objective of this project is to have as many as 20 outlets or more, located all over Singapore for people to pen their condolences , words of encouragement, and other well wishes to the Cheng Family.

2. Donation. At the same time, they can donate to help support the family. No cash will be accepted.

All cheques should be crossed and addressed to ‘Lim Choo Eng’.

The well wishes book and donations will be handed over to the Cheng Family after 31 May 2012.

This project is not about who is responsible for the accident but about who needs our attention and help. It is not about the reason why it happened but about meeting the needs of the Cheng family.

We trust this project will fan the fire of love in our nation. Let’s strengthen compassion and kindness in our community.

How You Can Help

1. Outlets. Please help us to set up more outlets so that we can reach out to more people.

HSR will be one of the outlets and our people will stand behind and support this initiative.

2. Well Wishes. Please craft words of inspiration for the bereaved family.

3. Donation. Kindly offer your generous donation by way of a cheque to the family.

4. Suggestions. If you have any suggestions, please channel them to Mr Andrew Chow,

Together, we can help a family. Together, we can strengthen the love quotient in Singapore. Together, we can raise the level of compassion and kindness in our community.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.


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