Living Moments (Part 46) – Conversations With Life.

by Patrick Liew on August 28, 2012

There were conversations that I had wished did not have to end. The more I thought about a few of them, the more I hope I could continue them because there were messages not communicated and files not closed in my mind.

What I am about to describe to you is one of such conversations. It was a conversation that I had with a young and talented student.

After a group meeting, I had offered to drive her home as I was going in the same direction. She was thankful for the offer and had subsequently climbed to the back seat, making me looked like her chauffeur.

The only eye contact that I had and the only way I could read her body language was through the rear view mirror. As a visually-oriented person, it was hard for me to hold a conversation but still, we had an interesting one.

As the drive was relatively long, we could cover many subjects. She was quite opened to share about her challenges in the past and aspirations in life.

When we were about to reach her place, she told me, “Uncle, you don’t have to drive into the housing estate. I’m happy to alight along the main road.”

I could not imagine doing such an ungracious act, especially to a young girl. It would make me feel bad and might even cause me to stay up in bed at night. I love my sleep too much to even consider acceding to her request.

I told her, “It’s okay.  I am in no hurry. I’m happy to see you safely home.”

Her reply disturbed me and got me thinking for awhile. She had said, “When compared to your house, mine is a trash.”

As I watched her saying those words through the rear view mirror, she looked apologetic, hoping the subject would be blown away by the wind. She was clearly not at peace with her circumstances.

As a 200 year-old dino, I must have given her one of those old-man-trying-to-forewarn-a-young-person type of speeches. Unfortunately, there was not much time to plan for it and deliver it in a cogent and coherent manner.

I took the trouble to share how poor I was and how I had to go through very much worse circumstances than her. Up to 21 years of age, I was sleeping literally on the floor…blah blah blah.

Before I could make complete sense of what I was trying to tell her and how I could persuade her to come to terms with her current situation, we had reached her place. She climbed out of the car almost out of relief, quickly waved me goodbye, and disappeared behind a concrete wall.

As I reflect on that incident, I wished I had more time to finish the conversation. I wished I could share with her about how to make peace with life.

Whatever the circumstances we are in, we need to be grateful and thankful for it. Being contented is one of the fundamentals needed to live a happy and fulfilling life.

However, contentment must not lead to complacency or worst, despondency.

Acceptance of the situation must not be turned into apathy. Being at peace with the situation does not equate to resigning to it.

Being mindful of our current situation does not mean that we stop pursuing a better one. In fact, it should give us more motivation and energy to improve our lot in life.

Success in life is not about having everything you need but about enjoying what you have. It’s not about whether you go through the sunshine or storm in life but how you make full use of the passing seasons.

Every situation that we go through is a classroom in life. Pain and problems are some of the best teachers. Sadness and sorrow are part and parcels of their curriculum.

There is a positive purpose for every moment and there is meaning in every event. We need to go beyond achieving success in every endeavour to live out its spiritual significance.

The circumstances in our lives are powerful catalysts to help correct, coach and channel us to adopt the right conduct in life.

How we extract the lessons and apply them to become a better person depends on our conscientious choice. It is also a function of our persevering commitment and disciplined lifestyle.

After completing the last sentence, an epiphany suddenly hit me.

What I thought was an incomplete conversation was not between me and the student. It was between me and myself and between me and our Creator.

That conversation and the circumstances surrounding it was designed by our Creator for me. It was not for a lack of contentment but complacency that caused me to almost miss out an important learning experience.

It was created to be my classroom and I had almost walked out of it. Fortunately, I returned to it after a period of time to complete another module of my education in life.

As I blog and thought about the incident, I realised it was meant to be a feedback. The purpose was to free me from my ‘mind-already-set’ way of looking at life.

Its deeper meaning was to help me look at the rear view mirror of life so that I can have a clearer perspective of myself and to progress in life. The significance of the incident has to be captured in my mind and lived out for the rest of my life.

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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