Living The Moment

by Patrick Liew on February 19, 2012

The past and the future is made by connecting the moments in the present. When we focus on the past and the future, we limit ourselves to how we can enjoy and capitalize on the present.

It is sad but true that many people worry about the future and regret their past so much that they fail to enjoy the present. Then because they did not enjoy the present, they will worry about the future and regret the past. Thus, the vicious cycle continues.

Strangely, animals seek to enjoy their live more than we do. They do not trade off their happiness or postpone it to the future.

As intelligent as we are, many people still do not live through the present. They merely exist; they float through the passage of time and then in the end, look back upon a wasted life.

The present is all that we have to make our lives count. We need to value every given moment and live it to the fullest. How we live life, moment by moment, will define the quality of our life. When every moment counts, our life will count in eternity.

Our Creator will not force us to make full use of the present moment. He can guide us and provide us the means and resources to focus on making it happen. He has given to us whatever we need to make full use of every moment. It has alway been within us and around us – always here and always now. Unfortunately, we allow what we can’t have, don’t have and shouldn’t have rob us of living it up in life. We run circles as we are caught in an endless pursuit of acquiring things.

When our desire to acquire things is stronger than our desire to enjoy it, our life will be a slippery slope to the rubbish bin. Nothing will give us meaning and fulfillment unless we make full use of and enjoy whatever we have in life.

I am committed to the present – to engage it completely and to play at full tilt. I want to live fully at every given moment and live it at its best. I want to savour every moment with all my senses – experiencing the beauty and wonder around me – and to be totally immersed in it.

I want to live for a purpose that is bigger than what I am and what I think I want. I want to fulfill our Creator’s highest calling and to make a positive difference to the world around me. At every given moment.



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