My HSR Is The Most Awarded Real Estate Company. The Ultimate Winners Are Our Valued Advisors And Clients.

by Patrick Liew on January 5, 2012

Dear Bro/Sis in My HSR Family,


Recently, we have submitted ourselves to all relevant business competitions. We have not done it not for ourselves but for our valued advisors and clients.

Through these competitions, we have been evaluated by prominent experts from government agencies, business consultancies, banking, legal and accounting forms professional bodies, and the mass media.

Why we did it?

a. Learning

Through the judging process and other inputs, we are able to learn, improve and get better results

b. Benchmarking

We are able to compare ourselves with real estate and non-real estate companies, including local enterprises and MNCs. It helps us to become a world class company.

c. Action

It compel us to take actions to constantly improve our company and to take concrete actions to achieve results for you.

d. Corporate Relations

By winning these awards, we are able to build bridges to key sectors of the business community. It opens doors to new business opportunities and achievements.

e. Publicity

As a result of being the most awarded real estate company, we have received major coverage in the mass media. You can read about them in My HSR Awards and Recognitions (Available @ My HSR Champions Centre).


Benefits To You

There are many benefits and values from receiving these awards.

a. Corporate Branding

My HSR Is The Most Awarded Company And A Respected And Trusted Brand.

You can leverage on HSR’s branding to increase your listings, sales, customers and recruitments.

b. Personal Branding

My HSR Received The Most Awards.

It Means We Have The Best Support And Services.

You can enjoy My HSR’s strong image and presence to enhance your personal branding and credibility.

c. Competitive Advantages

My HSR Received More Awards Than Any Other Real Estate Company.
We Have Been Proven By EXPERTS To Be The #1, And The Best Company.

You can use our awards and recognitions to differentiate yourself from the competition. We have won awards in every major aspect of the business. Our achievements are not based on our own claims but from recognitions by experts. It will help you enhance your profit, income, advantage and growth.

d. Growth

My HSR Won The Most Awards.
We Will Continue To Improve The Company Until We Are A Model For The Industry.

You can enjoy your career with My HSR, a company with a great heart that loves and cares for you. We will continue to improve the company until it becomes the best home for you. A company that will bring out the best from you and help you reach the very top.
Together, let’s fly My HSR flag high.

Together, we can be a champion for consumers, a model for the industry, and a shining light in society.

Together, we can help people lead better lives and to make our world a better home.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

Please go to ‘Notes’ found below my profile picture.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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