My HSR’s Plan For Year 2012

by Patrick Liew on December 30, 2011

Dear Bro/Sis in My HSR Family,

My HSR will make year 2012 the best year in our history.

We are building a new HSR that will dominate the market. We will be stronger, better and faster than we have ever been before.

Our dream is to be a shining light in the business community and a model for the real estate industry.

We will enhance the image and standards of our profession. Ultimately, we aim to be the first choice for all property consumers.

As our competitors are reading My HSR e-Love Letters, we will share with you and do much more for you in the days ahead.

Just read all our eLove Letters since March 2003 and you will know we have loved you more than any other agencies. We have done much more for you – month after month – than any other organisation.

Here’s a sneak preview of what we are going to do in the days ahead.

a.      Tremendous Opportunities Ahead!

As a result of the introduction of the property cooling measures and the Estate Agents Act 2010, we believe there are tremendous opportunities for us to dominate the market.

As the profit margin for running an agency is thin, many large agencies cannot survive.

Small to medium agencies will definitely shrink in size.

New agencies which were started predominantly by real estate salespersons, without a strong foundation that requires years to build, will realize in less than three year’s time they are better off as agents or even investors.

Many salespersons will look for new agencies to join.

We will back them with real investment opportunities together with cutting edge support and services.

Salespersons will look for a company that is not built on sales talks, hypes, job titles, or money offer. They will look for a company with the infrastructure, resources and systems to support them to success.

In recent times, we have seen many of our ex-salespersons rejoining us. Recruitments have gone up.

Our investments in new markets and solutions are showing success.

We are listing projects regularly. Sales remain relatively stable and strong.

My HSR will invest more money, time and energy to take the market by storm.

b.      My HSR Powerful Organisation

My HSR has redesigned our organisation and will continue to improve it to help you achieve sustainable success.

In total, we have hired 10 new talents and will hire even more managers to strengthen our support and services to you.

We will be expanding into new areas of property services so as to provide you more products, trainings and business opportunities.

c.       My HSR Support And Services

We will improve our support and services. Managers will be assigned to the frontline counters to assist you.

In addition, we have streamlined the business process to support you more effectively and efficiently.

My HSR IT Department has specialists looking at ways to grow the department and to provide you with cutting-edge services.

d.      My HSR Training And Coaching

In the days ahead, we plan to have more trainings and coaching. We plan to run 500 man-hours of training in 2012. There will be new IT trainings, sales trainings, product trainings, and other income-enhancements trainings.

Moreover, we have revamped My HSR Paxel System. The old model has many flaws, many of which took us awhile to realize and correct. We will make Paxel training the most powerful training for you and your downlines.

e.       My HSR Business Tools And Resources

Recently, we have sent our managers overseas to meet many real estate vendors, trainers, and other suppliers. We have a lot of new marketing weapons that will be unleashed through you in the next few months.

f.        My HSR’s Branding 

My HSR won 39 prestigious business awards. We are the most awarded real estate company. In addition, we are on track to be the first company to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange as a real estate agency.

g.      My HSR Corporate Social Mission

My HSR is doing more charity work than many charity organizations. Recently, we have stepped up our effort to give back more to our communities.

Our chief servant has tried to set a good example. In recent times, he has volunteered to help in many charity initiatives that will make major impact on many lives.

As we look forward to a new year, let’s plan to make 2012 the best year ever in our lives.

Together, we will create a brighter future for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Together, we will go right to the top!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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