My HSR’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

by Patrick Liew on December 15, 2011

Dear Bro/Sis of My HSR Family,

For the past 31 years, My HSR has developed many unique selling propositions that help us stand out from the crowd and lead the field. These are distinctive advantages that only My HSR can provide to you so as to help you lead the field, earn top income and live a great life.

In the next few months, we plan to redesign My HSR to achieve quantum leaps in improvements. We will provide more benefits, more strength, and more values to help us lead the market. It will also help you out-service your competitors and win the hearts of your clients.

We will propel ourselves forward so as to fulfill our aspiration to be a champion for consumers, model for the industry and shining light in the business community. We want to make our world a better home.

The following are just some of our USPs:

a. My HSR Branding. HSR won more awards and recognitions than any other real estate company.

They include ‘The #1 Real Estate Company’ Award, ‘The Largest Real Estate Agency’ Award, ‘The Fastest Growing Real Estate Company’, ‘The Number 1 In Productivity’, ‘Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award for Investing In People’ and ‘Entrepreneur of The Year Award for Social Contribution’.

Ultimately, My HSR brand is a brand that Advisors are proud to be associated with. Clients identify it as an absolutely beneficial and pleasant experience. And external parties view it with admiration, affection and respect.

b. My HSR Leadership. My HSR is blessed to have the largest team of first-class leaders and administrators.

This is a dream team of industry icons who are professional, knowledgeable and competent. More importantly, they are servant-leaders who work as a team. They have a deep desire to help and serve you to become the best that you can be.

c. My HSR Culture. My HSR is a company that is built on love. We are a ‘One big happy family’ (Lianhe Zaobao) – warm, dynamic and caring – and striving to make a positive difference through leading-edge services. We aim to be your first choice in real estate.

My HSR Family will be your extended family and the office, your second home to bring out the best from you and to help you live the best of life.

Ultimately, we want THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON PLANET EARTH to work in My HSR.

d. My HSR Support & Services. My HSR is the 1st and only real estate company to operate from our own commercial building with mini-country club facilities. We have engaged three world-class consultancies to help us improve our support and services to you.

We have a documented track record through My HSR eLove letters that – month after month – we continue to give more values, benefits and advantages than any other company.

e. My HSR Training and Coaching. My HSR is #1 in training and coaching.

We have more trainings, trainers, training rooms, and training resources than any other company. We run 25 different courses for experienced Advisors, more than 500 man-days of training and coaching per year.

Our RES in-house course has one of the best trainers, programmes, and passing rates.

My HSR is the 1st and only company to be certified to ISO 9001:2008 QMS and Professional Enterprise Certification. That’s why we are the 1st and only company that can provide an assurance about our training results.

f. My HSR Technology. My HSR is the 1st and only real estate company to beat a highly competitive field of ICT and technology-savvy companies to be the merit winner of the National Infocomm Award (IDA) and the Singapore Infocomm Award (SiTF). We also represented Singapore to compete in APICTA, the ICT ‘Olympics’.

We have in-house experts supported by a growing team of specialists to offer you more than ten technological breakthroughs to help you achieve results in a better, faster and cheaper way.

g. My HSR Marketing Resources. My HSR has the most comprehensive suite of marketing weapons to help you win every sale, outperform your competitors, and become an outstanding champion.

As a result of our marketing weapons, we have impressed many credible judges to win the most branding awards in the industry.

h. My HSR Solution. My HSR provides a one-stop total solution to our valued Advisors and clients. We train you to succeed in every major sector of the market, including HDB, private residential, industrial, commercial, en-bloc, green field, auction, newly developed, overseas, local, and distressed properties.

i. My HSR Commissions. My HSR is the 1st and only real estate agency to provide ‘the most rewarding, attractive and powerful commission system’ (Singapore Marketer).

We have a fast-promoting, triple-track career path supported by the best team leaders payouts, team leaders club, team leaders overseas retreats, powerful online team leaders management system, specialized team leaders trainings, advertisement subsidies, and team leaders incentives, benefits and rewards.

j. My HSR Advisors. We aim to produce the most professional, well-trained, best-equipped, and service-oriented Advisors to lead the market.

k. My HSR Corporate Social Responsibility. My HSR is the 1st and only company to win the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award for investing in people and Entrepreneur of The Year For Social Contribution.

Every month, without fail, we will donate time, talent, and treasure to some worthwhile charitable causes. We are currently supporting four initiatives on a regular basis.

Our aim is to touch lives, bless families, enhance communities and improve society. Together, we will make our world a better home.

In the next few months, we plan to redesign My HSR to be stronger, faster and better then we have ever been. We will provide you more winning edge, values, benefits, strengths, and advantages to be leaders in the industry.

My HSR will be a vital and desired part of every individual, families, enterprise and organization. We want the world to know, if it is real estate, it is My HSR.

Think Real Estate, think My HSR.

Real Estate is spelled as M-Y-H-S-R.

HSR is real estate. Real estate is My HSR.

My HSR will be the First Choice in Real Estate.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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