Releasing From Mental Prisons (Part 2)

by Patrick Liew on September 30, 2011

The scariest prison is not made of walls and bars. It is the prison of the mind.

If a person cannot exercise freedom in his mind, he is not free – no matter how much he can travel and what he can do.

When he denies reality, he pronounces a life sentence on himself.

When he stops loving himself, he locks himself up permanently.

Like what I have enumerated in Part 1 of this series, that prison can come in five different ways. They are basically conditions of the mind

1.       Situational Prison

Eg. “I had to go through this situation and that’s why my life went downhill.”

2.       Relational Prison

Eg. “My parents/ teacher/ spouse/ friend condemn me to a life of failure.”

3.       Experiential Prison

Eg. “Because I went through this experience, I have lost my confidence.”

4.       Emotional Prison

Eg. “I cannot forgive him. Even if I have to carry this pain, resentment and sorrow to my grave, I will still hate him.”

5.       Spiritual Prison

Eg. “I will not allow God to come into my life and be the architect and navigator of my life. I want to run my own life and I can do a better job.”


As a result of the above prisons, many have locked themselves to a life of failure and negativity. They are unable to make full use of their lives and enjoy it.

The good news is that our Creator has blessed us with the gift of choice. Any person can free himself from the self-made prison – at the snap of the finger.

We can change our response to the prisons and turn them into platforms for success.

Let me suggest some samples of proactive actions.


I may not be able to change the situation. However, I can rise above it. I can find purpose, meaning, and significance in it.


I cannot deny the relationship. However, I can cut off the relationship and will not allow it to influence my life.


I cannot forget the experience. However, I can learn from it and become stronger for it. I can change my response to the experience so as to live a better life.


I may have gone through hurts and pains. However, I do not have to carry it in my heart.

I can change the chemicals that trigger these emotions. I can forget the negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. I can focus on positive experiences and build a brighter future.


I may not comprehend the spiritual battles for my soul. However, I can ask our Creator to surround me with His hedge of protection. He can shield me from the fiery darts of the evil one.


Today is the day when the shackles of the mind can and must come loose. It can be done in a moment of decision.

The walls of the mental prison must come down when you change your perspective of life. It can be torned down through a positive attitude, discipline and lifestyle.

The key to unlock the prison door is in your hand.

Through choice, you can use the key of love, hope, and optimism to free yourself to enjoy a brighter life ahead.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we recognize the prisons of our mind and release ourselves from them?


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