Staying Alive

by Patrick Liew on July 3, 2011



If you are not comfortable with death or discussing about the dead, please do not read this love note. I apologize for raising a taboo subject.

I read the obituary column in the newspaper every day. And my heart goes out to the bereaved families and to the dead.

Many people will not think or talk about death. Some believe it will bring about a bad omen.

I humbly beg to differ.

I believe if I don’t understand death, I will not understand life.

I must be willing to face death (and what happened thereafter) to be able to live a better life.

When I go through the obituaries, it has a sobering effect on me. It reminds me about the values of life and to treat my life with more care.

It jolts me to live life at its best.

I do not ever want to take life for granted. If My Creator gives me one more minute to live, I must be grateful.

As they say, I want to live every day as if it is the last day of my life. I must do what I have to do and to make full use of it.

I hope to live my life such that should it come to an end, I will have no regrets. I have carried out the plan of My Creator and lived the way He wanted me to live.

When I see My Creator face to face, I hope I can proudly give Him a full account of my life. I hope He is happy with me.

I wish to say to Him, “I have lived my life for, with, and through You. Whatever I have done is nothing compared to what you have done for me.

I have endeavored to live my life for You and for Your Glory.”

I try very hard to go to every funeral so as to comfort my friends and their bereaved families.

I laugh when my friends laugh but I believe they need me most when they are crying. I want to cry with them.

Over the years, I have gone to countless funerals. There are times when I could only go in the early morning and sometimes I would be the only person around.

I have also been alone with the closest person to the dead and he/she is usually the spouse. It would break my heart to see the person crying and pining for his/her loved one.

I made it a point to look at the person lying inside the coffin. Sometimes, I would whisper a prayer, especially for those who were grieving because of the loss.

I felt their sorrow inside me.

Whenever I see a young person in the coffin, I would feel sad. Death of a foetus or a baby would throw me off and it would really pain my heart.

I have tried to offer words of comfort and encouragement to those in need.

Oftentimes, I am at a loss for words. I hoped that my presence can somehow lift them up.

I hope when it is my turn to go, I will have done all the necessary preparation. My loved ones will be well taken care of.

My wish is for people to know I have a place with My Creator in heaven. It is a much better place with no pain or sorrow.

People should be happy for me.

My funeral will be a celebration of my promotion to enjoy the best lifestyle – forever and ever. It should be one happy FUNtastic party.



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