Taking Massive Action Now!

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

What is the worst that can happen to a business?

How about this?

You were conned into selling an inferior product?

You have many unhappy customers?

You are faced with many potential lawsuits?

You lost all your money?

You cannot turn back and look for a job or start a new business?

You are stricken with cancer and your life hangs by a thread?

You don’t know if there will be another surprise waiting for you
that will end your business and maybe, your life?

I invested in such a person and in his business, Success Resources.

Currently, Success Resources is the largest seminar organiser in Asia and quite possibly, the world.

The company represents some of the top gurus in the world, the Who’s Who in the world of training and coaching. It is probably the first company to launch a multimedia e-learning business and it was rated the 11th fastest growing tech company by Deloitte and Touché.

Success Resources has customers in more than 60 countries. It has been helping people from different cultures through multiple languages to achieve greater success in life.

Success Resources has helped to transform many lives and earn the admiration and respect of many people from all over the world.

The company’s story was not all that rosy in 1991.

Back then, the company was conned into selling an industrial product without being told of its side effects. As a result, within a short period of time, the customers became very unhappy.

The company was inundated with a growing number of complaints, lawsuits, and threats. Every single cent belonging to the company and its principals were poured into digging the company out of the ever-deepening pits of hell.

It was almost impossible for Richard to turn the corner. He could not start a new business or look for a new job.

To make matters worse, Richard was diagnosed with cancer. He had to undergo chemotherapy and at the same time, he had to travel overseas frequently to keep the company afloat.

With two young children in tow, his future was doomed.

To cut a long story short, Richard pulled through the downturn caused by the Gulf War and overcame the roadblocks in the business. He turned the company around and took it to heights that many thought were virtually impossible even until today.

In 2003, the Economic Development Board of the Singapore Government awarded to Richard Tan the Phoenix Award. This award was created to honour an entrepreneur who has survived major setbacks and is a model for the business community.

I believe there are many lessons that can be drawn from this success story. They can help me capitalise on major changes and even challenging times in the real estate industry.


1.       Manage Myself First

The key focus is not just to find ways to respond to every challenge.

I need to develop a healthy body, an adaptive mind, and a resilient spirit that will not only survive any turbulence but will also help me find different ways to capitalise on it for success.

To run further and faster, I need to live a balanced life physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. I need to develop a healthy lifestyle, including managing my family, finance and friends properly.

Think: How can I develop a strong foundation for success?




2.       Fly With Eagles

There is a saying, ‘If I want to fly with eagles, I should not mix around with turkeys’.

I am predominantly the result of the people I mix around with. They can either lift me to a higher level or drag me through mud.

During uncertain times, the negative turkeys and energy vampires will come out in full force. They will poison my mind and suck my energy. I am totally dedicated to run as far and as fast as possible away from them.

On the other hand, I am committed to seek out, socialise with, and learn from the achievers in our industry.

Think: How can I interact with and learn from champions?


3.       Learn! Learn! Learn!

Learning is the only true competitive advantage in business and in life.

When I am committed to learning, I will always find new and better ways to grow my business.

Think: What am I learning today to make me a better agent tomorrow?


4.       Reengineer My Business

As they say, ‘If I keep doing the same thing, I will always achieve the same results. If I want to change the results, I must change the way I do things.’

I must be willing and competent enough to destroy the old ways and reinvent new ways to run my business.

Think:  What must I start doing? What must I stop doing?

Think:  What must I do more of? What must I do less of?





5.       Focus On A Strategic Target Market (STM)

During major changes, there is a tendency for me to try to do many things and believe that it will give me more chances to close sales. It will only distract my attention, dilute my effort, and decrease my competitive edge.

During My HSR Bootcamp, I learned, ‘What I focus, expands!’

In the final analysis, it is not just about the market size but market share too. If I concentrate my firepower, I can increase my market share and it can help me to close even more sales and earn more commissions.

Think: How can I focus on a Strategic Target Market and be clearly the market leader in it?


6.       Build My Personal Brand

With the enactment of  new laws, rogue agents will be removed. Many agents will not be able to meet the criteria required by the bill and they will leave the industry.

At the same time, many of them will not be able to comply with the new laws in the days ahead. Obviously, many of them will slacken and become less effective.

Quite a few as usual will commit emotional suicide by talking negatively and absorbing more negativity into their system. My share of the real estate cake can only grow much bigger.

During challenging times, it is easier to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the field.

This is the time to promote myself and become the preferred agent in my Strategic Target Market. The best time to grab all the customers is NOW!

Think:  How can I position myself to be the most trusted and preferred agent in my Strategic Target Market?


7.       Maximise My  List Of Exclusive Listings And Sellers

As the market becomes a buyer market, many agents are less motivated to get listings and will neglect their sellers.

This is the best of times to get as many exclusives as possible and to expand my list of sellers. With more listings, I will increase my chances of a sale.

When the market turns around, I will be the indisputable champion because of my dominant share of listings.

Sellers are also more realistic and willing to come to the table. It is easier to close more sales.

Sellers will be more desperate to work with professionals than ever before. They are willing to even pay more for my service.

Think:  How can I have the most number of marketable listings and motivated sellers?


8.       Maximise My  List Of Exclusive Buyers

This is a good time to target qualified buyers to close more sales and increase my income. Buyers who need to buy will be more motivated to buy a property soon.

Many of them who have left the market during the recent uptrend are returning to the market. In addition, a lot of local and overseas investors are more motivated to invest in the property market now.

Think: How can I serve the most number of exclusive buyers?


9.       Negotiate For A Higher Commission

During challenging and unpredictable times, it will be easier to negotiate for a higher commission.

My highest record in signing an exclusive listing is for a commission of 11%. Although I did not close the sale, I have closed many sales for 7%.

I have even closed major projects for 4% in commission on top of a lucrative bonus.

I am not alone. There are many agents who have done it before and are still doing it.

You can do it too – if you desire it; dare to do it; deserve to do it (because you have the right knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits (KASH); and you take massive action to do it.

 I will not just think or talk about it like many agents and do nothing about it.

Qualified buyers and sellers know they need professionals like me.

I have proven to them I can deliver results with My HSR ‘E’ series and ‘G’ series of marketing tools. I can also ‘wow’ them with My HSR infocommunication technology.

I have won their hearts with the facilities in My HSR Building – the largest commercial building for a real estate agency; the service of the largest real estate force; the credibility of the most awarded real estate company; and the most comprehensive and distinctive services range of support and services.

 If clients are motivated to achieve success, they will pay me far better than the highest market rate. All I need to do is to ask professionally and wisely.

Think: How can I enjoy the highest commissions in the industry?


10.   Close With Urgency

The good news is, This is the best of times to close sales and to do so in a faster way.

During times of uncertainties, it is easier to convince both sellers and buyers to be realistic, compromise, and take actions immediately.

There are always enough reasons for buyers to believe prices may increase. On the other hand, there are also just as many reasons for sellers to think that prices will come down.

My job as an agent is not to pretend I have got special insider information or I am an expert. I cannot predict the future and will never know the outcomes of any changes in the industry.

I am responsible for sharing with my clients material information, including information that can lead to worst case scenarios. My clients will have to make their own decisions.

My closing rate during major changes will always be higher. It can help me achieve record sales and income.

Think: How can I close sales in a faster, easier and better way?


11.   Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

The impending Estate Agents Act 2010 and recent measures by MND will make it hard for many agencies to survive. Many of them will have to downsize or even close down. They will not be in a position to manage and support their agents effectively.

Team leaders will be struggling without good company support. They will find it hard to lead and motivate their agents.

Many agents will be lost and demoralised. They are looking for a far better environment.

My HSR has the best branding, culture, leadership, training, technology, marketing tools, support and services, solution and commissions to help them succeed.

They are waiting for me to call them and share with them our unique selling propositions, and welcome them into our warm, dynamic and caring family.

I will call them and not delay anymore. Now’s the time.

Think: How can I build a large, profitable and growing team starting from today?


12.   Give Back To Society

In times like this, I want to give more thoughts, time talents and treasures to the people around me.

I want to help the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged to live a more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life.

The more I reach out to bless other lives, the richer and better my life will become.

Our Creator will give much more back to me. Obviously, I am not giving because I expect anything in return.

For me, the best life is a life that is lived for others.

Think: How can I give more to society?


This is the best of times to join a new generation of real estate champions.

This is the best of times to lead the field, earn top income, and live a great life.

If I don’t take MASSIVE ACTION now; in the days ahead, I will regret for the rest of my life for not capitalising on these great opportunities.

The time for me to VROOM! to the top is NOW!


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