The Top 10 Highlights Of My Life In 2014 (Not in order of priority)

by Patrick Liew on January 1, 2015

I praise our Creator and am thankful to Him for making 2014 one of the best years in my life.

It’s like everything that I’ve done in the past have reach a climax.

They’ve come together to form a beautiful tapestry of achievement, contribution, fun, and fulfillment.

Throughout the year, I’ve met many great people and developed beautiful relationships with them. There were also many exciting experiences and events that brought immense joy and fulfillment to me.

Our Creator has given me lots of wonderful memories that will stay with me till my last day. All glory to Him.

As in previous years, I took time to reflect on my life and selected the Top 10 Highlights for 2014.

1. A Year of Learning

As part of my goals for Year 2014, I committed myself to an intensive year of learning, improving, and growing.

I’ve sought to develop my spiritual, personal, and professional life in a multimodal, multifaceted, and multidimensional way.

Through reflection, seminar, reading, coaching, mentorship, training, expert’s guidance,traveling, writing, teaching and speaking, praying, networking, online learning, innovation, brainstorming, research and analysis, literature review, mastermind group, advice and consultancy,…many lessons were downloaded to me.

I feel like a totally new person.

2. A Year of Firing Up Dreams and Acting On Them

I’m a firm believer in dreams and have always taught my disciples to dream Humongous, Electrifying, Life-Changing, and Magnetic (HELM) dreams.

In 2014, I started to work on “out-giving” Mr Bill Gates.

(Go ahead and laugh. I can take it. :))

How will I make my dream come true?

I plan to train or inspire a growing number of a specially selected group of people so that they’ll earn more than $10,000,000.

The condition is that they will give away at least $1000,000 to a worthwhile cause.

I believe at some point, my dream will come true but more importantly, the world will become a much better home.

I’m passionate about my dream. It has heightened my level of enthusiasm, energy, and massive action.

3. A Year of Personal Service And Contribution

Throughout the year, I have conducted mentorship, coaching, training, counselling, and befriending sessions on a pro bono basis to many people. The purpose is to help in “changing lives globally” (mission of one of my businesses).

I want to inspire community leaders, students, and other deserving participants to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

4. A Year of Moulding and Shaping Young Lives

As Chairman of Junior Achievement, a charity that conducts life skills training for students, I’m happy that by the end of December 2014, together with more than 1600 volunteers, we have trained more than 70,000 students.

We trained young people in skills such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy, success, and work effectiveness skills on a pro bono basis so that they will be in a better position to succeed at work and in life.

5. A Year of Great Investments

As an active investor, despite everything doomsayers and naysayers have said, I enjoyed one of the highest ROIs in 2014.

I continue to invest in properties, stocks, businesses, and other instruments of investment, a portfolio of which has risen dramatically in total nett asset value.

I wish more people will learn about investment and leverage on it to live a better life and to increase their giving to society.

It’s not rocket science. There are sound investment strategies and techniques that you can use to strengthen your financial position and asset.

6. A Year of Teaching Others about Investment

In 2014, I made a brave move to step up just a little more in training others on how to invest and improve their financial income, advantage, and growth.

The paradoxical truth is that the more I teach, the more I learned and became a better investor.

What’s more, I can hunt as a pack with my disciples. We can help each other source better opportunities, manage threats, and generate better returns.

In my passionate quest to help them achieve better returns, I recently discovered some great investment strategies. I’m testing them in the field right now to make sure they work.

As I have always said, it only take one good investment idea to make tons of money. And I have a few in my arsenal now.

In 2015, I plan to make my disciples fall off the chair and jump with joy with some radical investment breakthroughs.

End of pro bono commercial. But look out for it!

7. A Year of Improving Thought Processes and Inspiring Others through Writing

I continued to develop and improve my writing skills through blogging, posting on social media, writing to the press, and journaling on my website.

I’m glad to be chosen as a “Writer of The Week” by the Straits Times. Besides writing to the public, I continue to provide feedback to the Government as an active and responsible citizen.

I’m not shy to share my 2-cent worth on how to improve Singapore, one of the most admired countries in the world.

In total, I have crafted more than 2000 organic, zero-calories, hypoallergenic, contaminants-free, and all-natural Love Notes to inspire readers to make full use of their life and live a full life.

8. A Year of Public Service and Contribution

I have provided leadership and advisory services to charities, a national sports association, a family service centre, grassroots organizations, professional bodies, a government-appointed committee, and other non-government organisations.

In 2014, my wife and I started an outreach centre at Little India to provide a variety of services to migrant workers. In addition, I have also been involved with a committee in raising funds and setting up two new charity centres to help the poor and needy.

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to be of service to different communities and society. These involvements have enriched my life and made me a better person.

9. A Year of Fund-Raising For a Good Cause

In 2014, as a professional “beggar,” I have helped to raise more than $1000,000 to fund different charity projects. This is not something I or many people would love to do but it’s vitally important to the charity bodies.

At the same time, I want to inspire others to give to a good cause. When they bless others, they will be blessed too.

(So, if I come to you and “beg” you for donation, please don’t find an excuse to run away or put down the phone. I don’t have many friends left to “abuse”. Lol!

(If possible, PM me now and donate to our next BIG project in September 2015.)

10. A Year of “Changing Lives Globally”

In 1990, my partner and I had a simple dream.

The simple dream? To change the world through world-class gurus and life-changing messages.

Today, Success Resources has customers from every continent except the Arctic and the Antarctic. (We are still waiting for the polar bears to sign up to upgrade themselves. :))

From President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, to Robert Kiyosaki, we have worked with some of the best in the world. We have become arguably the largest personal seminar organizer in the world.

As a publicly-listed company on ASX, we will press on in pressing on to “touch lives globally.”

As long as there is one more person, one more community, one more country in need of improving and achieving better results, we will be there. The revolution continues…

Exciting plans and times ahead.

Watch out for it!

In 2014, I continued my quest to live simply although it’s getting harder because of pressures from modern society, including online payments.

Thanks to Raymond Chua, I finally succumbed to applying for a Credit Card ( I have a Debit Card). I still drive a beat-up car and don’t have a watch. But I’m still looking forward to having free coffee and meals from my friends. Hint!

Deep in my heart, I want to fulfill our Creator’s blueprint for my life. I want to continue to reach out to ordinary persons on the street and help them live an extraordinary life.

I’m grateful for and thankful to my wife, family, friends, colleagues, customers, and all of you for walking the journey of life with me. I’m enjoying every single moment on it.

As the original Kampong Ah Boy (and now Kampong Ah Pek), I could not imagine that I would have a chance to travel all over the world, dine with Presidents and Prime Ministers, learn from world-class gurus, and and enjoy the finest that life can offer. (I’m writing this reflection in one of the most cosy lounges in New York City).

My heart is filled and in fact, overwhelmed with gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.

In 2015, please continue to teach me. Help me to live by one of my values:

The best way to live my life is to live my life for others. The more I reach out to bless others, the richer and better my life will become.

By the love and grace of our Creator, I plan to make 2015 the best year ever in my life.

What about you? How do you plan to make 2015 the best year in your life?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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