Working Towards A Happy Family Life

by Patrick Liew on June 17, 2011

During a happy family outing, my daughter turned to me, half in jest and said, “Daddy, you are not a great father”.

Frankly, I agreed. In the same way, there are no perfect spouses, children, parents, or grandparents.

The sad truth is, I have seen many of my friends walked out of their families because of some unhappiness. Subsequently, they started a new family and probably thought things would change.

Oftentimes, it never happened.

If things are going to change, it must start with me. If I don’t do my part, I cannot expect my family members to do theirs.

If I don’t build on my family, life can eventually become miserable. If I work towards having a healthy family life, I will live a more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life.

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

Life is FUNtastic!

Question: What action can we take to have a healthier for my life?


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