Acting On Love

by Patrick Liew on July 16, 2011

During a talk I gave to the management team of Google Enterprise, I was posed an interesting question.

“What are the Love Letters in your company all about?”

It was a question that was not relevant to my talk but thankfully, it was one that I felt I had been trying to answer to myself for many years now.

The manager who asked me the question was from Australia. He had heard about how my company was probably the only agency in the world to send ‘Love Letter’ to our staff and agents.

It started as a monthly letter and eventually became a weekly affair. Currently, through Cloud technology, we do it almost on a daily basis – informing them about the changes and improvements in the company.

We have a dream to be probably the first agency in the world to build our company on Love.

The Love Letters is just one of the many ways for us to develop my company’s Love-Based Culture.

I believe love is the most powerful and vital force in the workplace and in life.

As the servant-CEO, if I don’t have a heart to love and serve my people, I don’t qualify and deserve to be a leader.

Love, for us, is not a noun – it is a ‘verb’. It is not just a word – but an ongoing action to demonstrate our care and concern for our people.

The best way to love our people is to build the best company for them.

Through the Love Letters, we will share with them how we plan to serve them by implementing better systems, trainings, technologies, and other resources.

I’m happy we have almost ten years of documented track record of monthly improvements.

We may not be perfect but as we continue to labour in love, I pray that my people will at some point in time feel our love.

It may take more than 2000 years. I will persevere to make it happen. :o)

We want to spread love to what we called the 4Cs – our customers, colleagues in the industry, communities, and eventually to other countries.

Please teach me and help me to fulfill this dream of love.


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