Are You Grateful?

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Are You Grateful?

During a dinner, my friend did not pass the bread to me.

He said, “You don’t eat bread, right?”

He was right and he was wrong at the same time.

Yes, I tried to avoid eating plain bread because I did not find it healthy.

He was also wrong because I actually enjoyed eating bread.

In fact, when I was young, my nickname was “Loh Ti Kia” which to my friends meant “The Kid Who Loves Bread.”

I was born and grew up among the poorest of the poor.

My family was literally living from hand to mouth.

We ate rice as staple food because rice was and is until today still cheaper than bread.

If I had the chance to eat bread, it was a luxury.

So, whenever I had the opportunity to eat bread, I would savour every crumb of it.

Hence, my nickname.

Please don’t pity me because I was better off than one of my friends who was a vegetarian.

Why? Because his family was poorer than mine and they could not afford to eat meat.

Even when he could afford to eat anything he wanted, his body just could not get used to consuming meat.

Therefore, please do not grumble over what you have lost.

Be grateful for what you have left.

Do not envy others for what they have.

Be grateful for what you have already been given.

Today, I feel grateful for living in Singapore.

I’m thankful we have a good government who endeavors to serve the people well.

Having travelled all over the world, I believe with all my heart that there’s no place like Singapore.

This is a land of opportunities. A place where I can find my dreams and place under the sun.

If I’m willing to work hard and smart, I can do whatever good I want to do.

Enjoy whatever I want to enjoy and achieve whatever I want to achieve.

I’m grateful.

Are you?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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