Changing My Perspective

by Patrick Liew on July 14, 2011

Once upon a time, a man went in search of meaning in life. He decided to consult a hermit who lived in the mountains.

After tracking for days and through some of the most dangerous terrains, he finally arrived at a cave. He saw the half-naked mystic sitting on cold harsh snow.

“Master,” he pleaded, “I came from a long distance away. Please tell me, what’s the meaning of life?”

The hermit stroked his long flowing beard and replied, “Life is a pain in the neck.”

The man cried, “You mean I came all the way just for you to tell me that life is a pain!”

The hermit responded immediately in shock, “You mean life is not a pain in the neck?”

I read a similar joke and thought it was quite funny. I also realized many people might not find it funny.

There are people who think that way about life. Many lived as if life is a pain.

How I see life will oftentimes determine what life will be to me.

What I see is a reflection of the landscape in my mind.

What do you see?


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