Controlling Anger

by Patrick Liew on June 24, 2011

When you lose your temper, you shorten your life.

At a carpark, I saw a man quarelling with a security guard. The man had parked illegally and apparently, according to him, he had a valid reason to do so.

The security guard had to stop him as that was his job. I could tell from a distance the temperature was rising.

Tempers were flaring. Abusive words were exchanged – words that cannot be published in a PG-rated and child-friendly article.

After the incident, I remembered reading a study by the Institute of Heartmath that negative emotions such as anger ‘may suppress the immune response for up to six hours following the emotional experience’.

In other words, when I am angry, I weaken my body. I run the risk of contracting any of a host of infections and diseases.

Every time I get angry, I am indirectly killing myself – a little at a time.


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