Courage To Rise Again

by Patrick Liew on March 25, 2014

I walk the road of life and see
Souls falling by the wayside
Their hearts strewn with defeat
Failure has frozen their will and grit.

I ask myself why
People run away after their first try
It is not from failure they are cowering
But from sweet success that is awaiting.

An important lesson must be heard
We are born to reap success
For God has loved us from the start
Our happiness is in His heart.

So what do we do when failures set in?
To sorrow and pain we mustn’t give in.
Instead we rise above and again believe
Be dauntless, persevere, and we’ll achieve.

In fact some people don’t even try
Their fear of failure wring their hopes dry

They fail to see that if from failure they run away
Success will also depart from their way.

What should be done
Is nip failure from the bud
Open our minds to see
The signs of failure from which we should flee.

Small errors and mistakes
When disregarded will create
Boulders of errors hard to roll
Away from path to where we should go.

When our minds and hearts become
Used to negative thought, actions, words, behaviour
Our spirit sapped, our energy goes down
Our habits formed to failures’ end.

But if from every failure we learn,
Nuggets of wisdom and knowledge we earn.
For failure fails us twice in a row
If we allow failure to do so.

In the race of life are those who win
Simply by running, running, running.
The day they stall or stop or quit
Is the day they allow their dreams to slip.

The journey may be long and bumpy,
But never quit, press on!
For the end is near and coming on
To the finisher, a sweet victory.

No failure ever goes to waste
If upon its lesson we feast
If we push ourselves to reach our dreams
Challenges cannot be more formidable than our beliefs.

Do not be afraid, to failure be square
Give the troubles a long hard stare
And with confidence, you must declare:
I have conquered failures, so don’t you dare!

For a little bird with wings now clipped
Whose legs feeble are trodden down
May one day soar as the great Phoenix
Ready to fly till the sun goes down.

– Patrick Liew and a mysterious poet


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