Dark Shadows Of Life

by Patrick Liew on November 5, 2019

Dark Shadows Of Life

Ten years
Of pitch-black abyss
Of endless bickering
And ill-treatment.

Ten years
Of high hopes gone away
Of forever growing dim
Of happiness retreating.

A stalwart young man to begin with
A soul so dead was he found
Irresolute, broken
Hope, he has forsaken.

With a dagger of doubt
He charges
With a fortress of lies
He ensnares
Living in dark shadows
Of an infernal past
He is sunk in a quagmire of self-defeat
Where he traps another
To a rotten pit.

They struggle
To emerge from a morass of chaos
Love supplanted contention
Faith cleared doubt
Hope overcame fear
Light cast away dark shadows

Three years hence
He is back on his feet
Though feeble at the start
He makes his way through
From a miserable need
For approval and affirmation
From constant bouts
Of anger and depression
His stride, now steady
His handshake, firm
His eyes, glistening
His head held up high.

He smiled
And the world smiled back
He poked a hole through his soul
And ill feelings left
He reached up
And received help.

Knees bent in prayer each day
He reclaims a life
Once lost to the dark shadows
of a bitter past
He lives today
With love and acceptance
Speaking kindness and truth
From within.

No more running away,
No more hiding
No more pretending
No more grin and bearing
Forgiveness and mercy has he
For the one who has hurt him
Until the poisonous cup of revenge
Is now removed from his lips.

Free from the bonds
Of discrimination and hate
Free from the negative voices
That hover
He lives and loves whole
From darkness to greatness
He inspires.

What life would have been wasted
Had it not been for introspection
Truly a broken bow
Cannot spring an arrow
So heal if you must
Take a moment to quiet down
And then go far, reach up for the sky
Because only he who is whole

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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