Facing Rising Costs

by Patrick Liew on December 23, 2011

Companies are not only facing rising costs but also the reality that Singapore is not and cannot be positioned as an economy with low business costs. If cost advantage is crucial for survival and success, CEOs will have to relocate or outsource all or part of their operations overseas.

Being mindful of this fact years ago, we decided we need to constantly redesign our business model to provide high value added services to compete both in the domestic, as well as the global markets. As part of the commitment to reinvent ourselves for the new economy, we have to reengineer our business processes, and streamline and automate our operations to enhance our productivity and results.

We also focus on improving our bottomline by constantly looking at new ways to expand our business, marketshare, value-add, and competitive edge. For example, we have instituted a discipline whereby every Senior Manager must submit two new innovations on a monthly basis. We say, “Even if it ain’t broke, fix it.” We do it not only to overcome rising costs, but to also put us in a better position to grow our business.

To strengthen our prospects in the future, our plan is to leverage on our successful track record to increase our market share by offering new services and benefits. We also hope to widen our customer base for cross-border real estate transactions. In addition, HSR will provide other downstream real estate related services to enhance our bottomline. We will expand throughout the globe through franchising, licensing, strategic alliances, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions.


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