by Patrick Liew on June 13, 2011

Recently, I had a meeting with a client. We planned to spend time to go through an important project.

In the midst of the discussion, she received a call. She was told her son was injured in a football practice.

I told her to go back to her son. I even offered to go with her in case she needed help.

I told her – Family is more important. All the money in the world means nothing without a happy family.

I have to confess that recently I missed a public performance by my daughter.

I have always tried to be there for her.

I couldn’t make it because I had a prior engagement. On reflection, it was not worth being absent from my girl.

I cannot ask Time to turn back for me. I cannot have a repeat performance.

I’ve lost my chance. Forever.

My friend, I hope this message finds a place in your heart.


 Question: How can we spend quality time with our loved ones?


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