Fighting Negativity – Part 2

by Patrick Liew on November 19, 2019

Fighting Negativity – Part 2

There are many ways to respond to negativity.

For example, one can flee from negativity, freeze in the face of negativity, or flip-flop in fighting negativity.

The appropriate response is to face up to negativity and fight it.

Learn lessons from negativity and keep strengthening yourself until you can take flight to a live a positive life.

Sadly, there are many who respond to negative inputs by generating even more negative thoughts and dwelling on these thoughts.

Some will even allow these thoughts to take up permanent residency in their beings.

When they do not respond positively and choose to immerse themselves in negativity, a seed will be planted in their hearts and minds.

Negativity germinates and grow through negative thoughts, feelings, words, and action.

In the process of living, many continue to unwittingly provide food and nourishment to the seed of negativity.

Soon, the seed will take roots.

Over time, if left unchecked, the seed of negativity can grow to become a dark shadow.

It will gradually eat into body, soul, and spirit.

Negative thoughts produce negative emotions.

In the same way, negative emotions contribute to negative thoughts.

They feed on each other as they roll down the slippery slope, and unleash a reign of unhappiness and destruction.

The good news is that anybody, including you can change your mind.

You can remove negative inputs and redesign your thought patterns.

As you develop new mental processes, you can rewire the neural pathways in your brain.

As a result, you can change even your habitual thought patterns.

Generate more positive emotions and live a better quality of life.Go4It!

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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