Giving Back To Society

by Patrick Liew on July 3, 2011

I would never forget the face of the young man holding my hand, with tears streaming down his face.

He was my interpreter when I was running My HSR Leadership Bootcamp for a group of Community Leaders from Kazakhstan. In the same class which I conducted on a pro bono basis were also leaders from India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

This was conducted as a part of My HSR Social Missions – to help leaders in emerging markets make positive impact on their countries.

Through the course, we learned how to lead and create transformations in our organisations – many of which lessons I had garnered while serving in the amazing company that I am currently working in.

This bootcamp; like our other bootcamps, was a moving experience . The participants had broke down in tears on more than one occasion as they went from one life-changing experience to another.

All this while, the translator seemed to be unmoved. I thought he was just focusing on ensuring my words were correctly translated.

At the end of the class, he thanked me and told me how much the bootcamp has touched his heart and transformed his life. His leader also confirmed that the lessons were what he needed most at that point in his life.

To know that I have contributed to help another fellow human beats almost owning any material possession and other pleasure in life. It’s such a good feeling that no money can ever buy.

I want to continue to support worthwhile causes and make it an integral part of my life. I aim to do well in my business and to do good at the same time, all the time.

In the past, I have given myself excuses that I was too busy. I needed to focus on doing well and after that, I would do my part. I would start only when I have achieved success and made enough money.

I was wrong.

I can still give back to society while practicing as a real estate agent. I can learn to become more productive and get better results so that I can do more for our world.

I believe it is a universal law promoted by every major religion that we should always give back to society. From my experience, our Creator will never shortchange anybody. He will always give much more back to you.

Obviously, we should never give and expect anything back.

In My HSR, we say,

‘The best way to live our lives is to live our lives for others. When you reach out to bless other lives, we live the best life.’


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