Giving Myself A Second Chance

by Patrick Liew on July 5, 2011

I wrote this reflection after receiving the return of another three agents to my company.

Many people have told me, “If the staff or agents resigned from the company, we should never take them back.” They will then support their view with many good reasons.

These are my thoughts and I could be wrong.

When a person resigned from my company, I should first ask myself, “What did we do wrong? How can we improve?”

Inevitably, it has spurred us to do better and to do more for our staff and agents.

When our people leave us, usually it is to look for greener pastures. Sometimes, they have been offered many ‘promises’ by the other company.

When they return, usually it is because – although my company is not perfect – they know we always try to improve. And we have improved dramatically in recent times.

In fact we have documented – in black and white – month after month of improvements for the past eight years.

I have found that when they come back to us, they usually become more committed to the company. There is a greater sense of loyalty, trust and affection.

We deserve a second chance. And I’m always grateful and thankful to the people who offered it to us.

I, too, need to give myself many second chances in life.


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