Happy 54th National Day! – The Little Red Dot

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

Happy 54th National Day! – The Little Red Dot

As a small country, Singapore has been depicted as a little red dot in both global and regional maps.

The little red dot is also a nickname to refer to Singapore in casual and other forms of communication.

The term “Little Red Dot” became more prominent because of former President of Indonesia B. J. Habibie.

He referred to the term in an interview with the Asian Wall Street Journal, the report of which was published in August 4, 1998.

Habibie’s remark was widely deemed to be a disparaging remark, but it was denied by him.

Since then, the term was used by both political leaders and ordinary citizens in Singapore with pride and confidence.

Despite being small in size, Singapore has punched above its weight and risen to become a widely-admired country.

In a fast-changing and fast-moving world, the reach, success and impact of a nation go beyond just size.

Our achievement is dependent on our capacity for growth, and creativity, capability, agility, and tenacity to achieve desired dreams.

In this regard, having a small size can be a defining edge. Being small can be a great strength.

As a small country, we are not a threat to others. Therefore, we are in a better position to connect, collaborate and co-create solutions.

In many ways, we can change faster, be more adaptable, and be more focused to reach desired destinations.

To be known as a little red dot can also be a great virtue.

Red is a special colour that symbolises meaningful and profound values.

Red has been said to be one of two favorite colours of all people. It’s being used by 77% of all flags in the world.

Besides black and white, red is also the next best preferred colour for written languages.

To the Chinese, red is used to represent happiness and prosperity.

That’s why during during Chinese New Year and weddings, good wishes are crafted in red.

Money is being inserted into red packets and offered to loved ones as wishes for good fortunes.

Why is red such a special colour?

It’s said that when the cornea and lens focus on red, the light rays grow more convex and seems to pull the colour forward.

This is a possible reason why red is one of the most visible colors in the spectrum and draws attention.

It’s probably the same reasons why anything hot is referred to as “red hot.”

Same reason why red is used in stop signs and fire engines as an indicator for attraction, assertiveness and alertness.

Red is also used to represent strength, power, and prestige. Perhaps that’s the reason why we roll out “red carpets” for VIPs.

Since red is the colour of blood, it’s deem to be a positive and warm colour. It has been used as a colour of the heart, and it is associated with love and a good life.

Red is also the colour that’s being used to symbolise determination to survive and succeed.

It’s also associated with qualities of compassion, passion, courage, happiness, prosperity and well being.

The positive values represented by red are also the values that have made Singapore exceptional.

These are also the values that can make us a strong, secure and sustainable country in the future.

Happy 54th National Day!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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