Happy Children’s Day.

by Patrick Liew on October 4, 2013

I love children.

If I have my way, I will adopt all the children in the world. I will surround myself with children.

I love the way they talk and the way they walk. I love the way they cry and the way they make me laugh.

I encourage my salespersons to bring their children to the office. I have a cupboard of toys to give to their kids.

Children made me happy. They also taught me many powerful lessons to be a happier person.

Children taught me that I am created to be happy.

Even if I am unhappy, I do not have to continue to be unhappy. I can switch back to a happy mode.

Every morning when children wake up, they may have to unconsciously choose between happiness and unhappiness.

Children just move on to live as happily as they can. They do not harbour unhappiness in their minds.

Haven’t you noticed that they are happy most of the time?

Children’s happiness has nothing to do with their feelings. It has nothing to do with possessions.

Children generate happiness with any and everything in their lives. They can be happy in any situation and environment.

If you ask children why they are happy, they will tell you their school makes them happy. Their teachers make them happy.

They will also share that their friends make them happy, and everything that they do make them happy.

If you ask the average adult the same question, they will probably tell you that they are not happy with their companies, and they are not happy with their bosses.

They are not happy with their colleagues, and they are not happy with their habits.

What happened during the period of time between childhood and adulthood?

Many people choose to become producers of unhappiness.

They choose to produce unhappiness in their mind. They improve their productivity for unhappiness by thinking more unhappy thoughts until unhappiness becomes a part of their lifestyle.

They put on ‘unhappy sunglasses.’ Everything looks unhappy to them.

Unhappiness attracts more unhappiness.

They communicate words that attract only unhappiness. Eg. “Why is my life so tough?” “Today will not be a good day,” etc.

To make matters worse, they imagine negative scenarios and visualize negative outcomes.

They plant weeds in the garden of their minds.

They fill their lives with fears, worries, vengeance, resentment, hatred, and all kinds of negative emotions.

Soon, they become addicted to the chemicals in their brains that generate these emotions.

Let’s take a look at children again.

Children focus on happiness. It is a way of life.

Children wake up and look forward to life. They are curious, playful, and adventurous.

Children have no room for hatred.

They do not worry over small matters. There are no matters that are big enough for them to worry about.

In other words, there is nothing to worry about. After all, worries will not solve anything.

Children live simply. They have no negative desires or unrealistic expectations.

Children play wholeheartedly with their friends. They don’t look purely after their own interests.

Together with their friends, they look for new experiences, fun and laughter. Along the way, they learn and grow.

Child spread happiness most of the time and with everything they have and under any circumstances.

If you want to be happy – be like a child again. Happiness is reliving the virtues of childhood.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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