Human Capital

by Patrick Liew on November 23, 2011

It is not enough to pursue the best talents. Companies need to build on their branding to attract them. Current and potential employees are not just looking for the best jobs, but they are also looking for the best employers. They want to enjoy the best experience, fulfillment and results – simply because, other than sleeping, they are going to spend most of their adult lives in the workplace.

If the heart of human problems is a problem of the heart, then the question which begs to be answered is, ‘ Do you see human resources as another business tool or as a unique flesh and blood who joins the company with deep-seated needs, fears and dreams?”

Unless and until corporate leaders develop a heart to love and serve their people, they will be hard pressed to have the best talents in the marketplace. All the systems and processes will be like diapers. They provide temporary comfort, but they are not long-term solutions.

As a winner of two Singapore Human Resources Awards, we are mindful that it is not good enough to recruit and retain the best talents. We must also endeavour to build the best environment so that our people can meet their professional and personal aspirations and at the same time, enjoy and maximise their contributions.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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